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The magic dungeon is in danger! Pike up your sword, summon monster heroes, and protect the last underground kingdom! Use your black magic, defeat royal troops in epic battles, and lead your monster army to glory!
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Welcome to the first official Pocket Dungeon! We’ve got lots of exciting news for you with the latest release of our Pocket Dungeon Game. Now that you’ve gotten the big green “P” from us, we think it’s time to let you in on some exciting news: We’re releasing a free Pocket Dungeon Game sample today to give you a taste of what our first premium game is like. In just a few short days, we’ll be releasing the full version of our first paid game for everyone to experience.

Experience After Reviw

You can take the free Pocket Dungeon APK downloads on your phone, Tablet, TV, and all other android devices. Choosing the right version will really make the game run smoother, run longer, and work more smoothly, too. This is a test of our Pocket Dungeon Game engine, a test that our friends and family have given us positive feedback on. It’s definitely a much-needed boost to our production!


In the Pocket Dungeon Game, you are an epic adventurer, tasked by god to explore dark dungeons and kill dragons along the way. Your hero can explore any of the 4 regions in Pocket Dungeon World, doing battle and killing monsters along the way. You can level up your character by earning skill points and leveling up your pocket monster pets. There are many quests to complete in each region, which will also reward you with powerful mythical creatures.


The in-game Pocket Dungeon Game has many more features than what was shown above, but the basics of how it works are the same. Once you install the free Pocket Dungeon Game application on your android device, you will be able to join the adventure right away. You will enter one of the regions by clicking on the ‘start’ button found at the top of your screen. Your journey will be full of adventure, as you fight dragons and mummies, as well as, other epic creatures that you will need to defeat before moving on to the next region.

Effects & Sounds

Each of the regions in the Pocket Dungeon Game have different objectives for you to complete. As you complete your objective and move on, you will earn extra money, which you can use to purchase powerful pocket monsters to help you on your quest. Players can switch from region to region during their journey, so that they can see the areas which are best for them to venture to. The in-game guide will even tell you where the best monsters are, to ensure you don’t waste your time on the weak ones.


Another feature of this game that sets it apart from other similar games is its in-game currency, called mana. Players start the game with a limited amount of data, which they can replenish by fighting, or through purchasing items. When you run out of mana, you will have to wait for a certain period of time before you can Recycle mana, which allows it to be used again. However, if you run out of mana before you get to replenish it, you will not be able to level up or spend any of your earned and on items. You can, however, buy the additional mana packs from the in-game marketplace, which will allow you to level up faster.


In addition to the hero units that you fight against the dungeon dwellers, the Pocket Dungeon Game also has a few boss battles against bigger, badder monsters. The fearless hero units in this game also have special skills, such as the brave face, which can protect them from boss monster attacks. The Brave Face hero starts the game with a small amount of health, and the more bravely you remain in battle, the more health you will have available to you.

Graphics and Visual Quality

In addition to these special skills, every hero class in Pocket Dungeon Game also has an ultimate ability that only they can use and is only available when they reach a certain level. This is called Dark Talent, and it allows each of the classes to deal out large amounts of damage to the enemy in just one turn. There are a total of 12 classes, and the brave heroes of each class are required to defeat the monsters in dark dungeons in order to gain access to their ultimate abilities.


The magic dungeon’s in danger Protect the last underground kingdom by grabbing your sword and summoning monster heroes! You can use your black magic to defeat the royal troops and lead your monster army towards glory!

Addictive battles: This battle is simple, but it’s addictive. You can swipe to kill bosses and monsters. You will build your fortress as the game progresses.


Mysterious monster heroes: This game will see you join an intense battle between underground and human creatures. You can summon monster heroes and fight against human troops.

Rich maps: Underground cultures are born in the mysterious, dangerous old dungeon. Each floor is accompanied by a mini storyline which explains the daily life of the magical dungeon.


You will be amazed at the incredible underground legend thanks to the beautiful UI design and black fairy-tale legend storyline. Enjoy it!


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