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Pou(Mod, Unlimited All) for Android – 


Pou is an upcoming virtual pet game developed and released by Lebanese programmer Paul Salameh. It is similar to Tamagotchi, an ever-popular Japanese trend toy that required continuous care to get a real life pet. You’ll be much like the manner that you care for a real pet, but it is going to also be different from that.

Pou Game


You will have the ability to get your personal Pou when you buy the program from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or even as an open source project. The open source version is totally free to download and use, but you won’t have the ability to market it. However, if you’re not a programmer, this may be a lot of fun. Once you have the program installed, you’re ready to take care of you exactly the same as you would a real pet. Below are a few hints on how you can keep your pet healthy and happy.


To be able to care for your own Pou, you’ll need to keep it moisturized. Since Pou has a dry skin, it is going to need a good deal of moisture in order to feel comfortable. To be sure it stays moist, you should use water bottles, soft washcloths, and other products. It is also possible to add modest amounts of water into the water bottles and provide it to your pet on a daily basis.


You will want to take good care of Pou’s bedding, also. The same as the dog bedding that you would get for the puppy, you’ll want to be certain that your Pou bedding is soft and comfy. Don’t place too much stuffing from the bedding, however; just a bit is all that’s required. So far as bedding goes, you’ll also should clean it frequently.


When cleaning your Pou bedding, then you do not have to worry about getting stains on itas long as you use a mild cleanser. When the cleaner has a little cluttered, you can use a moist cloth to clean it up instead. Don’t place it through the dishwasher , though; dampness is not good for your pets’ delicate skin.

How to Teach Your Pou How to Play

Feeding your Pou is not as difficult as it sounds, either. With most animals, you simply need to be certain that you provide them food daily and feed them only enough so that they could eat. {without causing any issue. It’s important to provide them the right amount of vitamins and nutrients and ensure they’re well-hydrated; otherwise, you’ll be placing your precious pet at risk for illness.


To be able to make your pet active, you can do many different things to it in Pou like jogging, playing, and jumping around in Pou’s mattress. This way, you are going to be exercising and burning calories, which may help your Pou stay healthier longer. Another action which you can do in Pou would be to play it while it stinks. This is a great way for you to help it improve its mood. Just be careful that you don’t fall off.


If you follow these suggestions, you’ll find that you will be happier in virtually no time. Give it plenty of attention and love. And you may be certain that it is going to keep you busy as you’re enjoying your time with it. You will be a real part of your family in no time!


You will enjoy playing Pou for years to come, too. The fact which you can do a lot with your pet makes this game an enjoyable family activity that your friends and family members will remember!


To really enjoy your Pou game, you should begin with some basic training. This is a lot simpler if you start training if it’s still young, as it is possible to let it play with your Pou for a short time. Be certain it knows that you’re not trying to control itin actuality, you should not even attempt to talk to it a lot. If it’s a bit old, you may begin to teach it to play games such as fetch.


As soon as your Pou gets the hang of it, though, you need to continue working at it. There are plenty of games which can be played along with your Pou in Pou’s bed, and therefore don’t give it up before it has a chance to learn new ones. With appropriate instruction, your Pou will grow to an energetic and healthy member of their family.

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Pou (Mod, Unlimited All) for Android

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