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App Cloner Premium Apk Download - now you download the latest apk and you easily make your own apk clone and use it in the same mobile with help of your app cloner apk.
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DEC 30, 2020
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App Cloner Premium Apk Download – now you download the latest apk and you easily make your own apk clone and use it in the same mobile with help of your app cloner apk.

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App Cloner Premium App is amongst the best Multiple Apps Provider in the Android ecosystem. This App Cloner Premium App gives you the power to build and install as many copies of your favorite apps as you want. App Cloner also works independently from your other apps and runs in parallel. Here are some of its best features that you must check out.


App Cloner Premium App gives you a free demo-version of App Cloner. After the free trial, if you want to upgrade to the premium version, you need to pay by credit card. It is available for free download in its Google Play App. You can get it immediately after registration.


Here are the basic features of this App that helps you convert your downloaded apps to mobile-ready ones. If your device doesn’t have enough memory to download apps, App Cloner will automatically stop the downloading process. In the next step, it will compress the downloaded files to reduce their size. It will then proceed to transfer all files through Wi-Fi. Finally, it will convert all converted files into Zip or PDF format for further storage.

This App has several advanced features. It has the ability to merge all versions of an app into one version. This version will be available to you immediately after purchase. It allows you to choose which version to use as the default App. You can change its features according to your personal preference.


This App has a one-time fee. Once you purchase it, you will be given an entire month of free updates and downloads. If you want to have an extended period of free app lower premium support, you can pay additional amount. You can even ask for discounts from its official website.


App Cloner premium version features many advanced features. Namely, you are provided with App Directory. Here, you can find information on different versions of similar apps and their prices. You can also search for other relevant details like price, user reviews and ratings, etc.

You can install multiple copies of App Cloner App using this App. As soon as you purchase the app, you can create up to 5 different accounts. Each account can store a set of apps, and as such, you can organize your existing apps in a specific way. You can also make it possible for your friends and other users to have a choice of cloned app as they can have a look at your existing and newly cloned apps as often as they like.


The overall performance and efficiency of App Cloner are unmatched by any other paid software. It provides a great amount of useful features including the ability to easily remove duplicate files and unlimited cloning of both Android and iPhone apps. You can also get regular reports that will provide you with real time data such as number of downloads, the highest rating, highest price paid, etc. App Cloner Premium version also includes many additional features like the ability to export and import images. All these features make it one of the best choice for android devices.

A new version of the app has been released that provides users with better functionality and features. The upgrade provides for better sorting of your apps by date, size, category, etc. Another important addition is the option to set restrictions on what apps a user can install to their devices. You can decide whether or not you want to allow just apps that are currently installed on your devices or all newly installed apps. Apart from these additional features, the upgrade also provides for faster restoration of apps, better compatibility of international files, improved backup and restore facilities and enhanced privacy controls.


If you have already purchased App Cloner, you can easily upgrade to App Cloner Premium for an additional fee. This option allows you to enjoy the advanced features of App Cloner such as cloning and restoring of apps, unlimited cloning of documents, password protection of documents, and import/export of attachments, etc. App Cloner Premium also provides you with the option to host your android devices on your own servers. It does away with the need for using third-party servers for storing your android applications. All your app files will be safely stored on your own server.

App Cloner Premium also allows you to use preview mode for viewing your apps before you download them. For transferring or copying of files, you can also set up your account with a drag and drop feature. With this software, you can easily back up your apps, so that you can restore any deleted file on another device. The drag and drop feature enables you to easily move documents between different devices. You also have the option to schedule your downloads so that you do not have to do it at random times.


App Cloner is a great app if you are looking for an alternative to the free clone app. App Cloner Premium offers all the functionality of the free version but also provides a few extra features that are unique to its version. Since App Cloner Premium is a paid app, it provides a number of useful features, such as unlimited cloning, password protection of data, and more. You may also back up your original app and set up your account with a username and password that are different from your other accounts.