Pretend Island Boat Adventure MOD APK 1.0 (Unlimited Money Everything/Latest Version) For Android


Explore the city wonderland in a pretend island boat adventure. Enjoying the island town, pirate ships and play with the crewmates are ready to explore the city island wonderland and find the hidden treasures in pretend island boat adventure games. In this wonderland of island town is just the right place for you if you are really missing pretend adventures in your autism life. Take a cruise, go fishing, get treasures and much more! Town Island boat adventures is where you can do whatever you want. Create your own stories, feel the excitement of going through the port control to board your favourite boat. Experience life on an isolated island, enjoy life on the Caribbean party island, create your own adventures and stories. You are the captain and you make the rules in this game!
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August 20, 2021
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A pretend island boat adventure will take you to the city’s wonderland. The crewmates will enjoy the island town and pirate ships, and they’ll be ready to help you explore the city island wonderland. They’ll also be able to find hidden treasures in the pretend island boat adventure games. If you’re missing out on pretend adventures in your autism, this is the place to be. You can go on a cruise, fish, find treasures, and so much more. Town Island is the place to go for all your boat adventures. You can create your own stories and feel the thrill of going through port control to board your favorite boat. Live on an island and enjoy the Caribbean party island lifestyle. Create your own stories and adventures. This game is your captain.

Graphics and Visual Quality

This iceland pretend village offers snow fishing and snow boating. For pretend city boat adventures, you can also dress up your character. You can play with your favorite characters and crew on cruise ships. There are many fun locations and rooms to explore. This is one vacation you should not miss! You will need to take a cruise ship to reach the small hotel on an island. Before you go, check in at the hotel’s grand playroom. Enjoy a party on deck while the captain of the cruise ship plays with the dollhouse. You can play the piano, guitar and bbq. You can take your friends to the pool, or the ball room on the lower deck.


Play with your family and friends while on vacation. You can dress up in different clothing to discover sea treasures. There are many places to discover hidden treasure and enjoy the pirate lifestyle! In city island boat games, you will discover the pirate’s treasure and explore every scene. This treasure island game features a boat, pirate vessel, cafeteria and treasure maps. It also includes tropical islands, black spots, treasure maps, and treasure maps. The pirate treasure and hidden mystery objects are added to pirate ship games. You will board the Caribbean ship to go to the large pirate city boat.

Effects & Sounds

Let’s begin the pretend island pirate adventure with many hidden puzzles about treasure island. Although you may have experienced pirate ship games, this pretend island boat adventure: city marvelland features a number of realistic features, including a mast and sail, treasure trunk, ladder, cannon, cannon, cannon, cannon and ladder, as well as a small boat with a paddle. You can be a great city boat captain for your children. You can play as an explorer or pirate and become the best pirate captain. Explore the entire treasure island boat, visit pirate ship, and discover the mysterious treasure in the sea full of pirate thief Games! This game is packed with many new pirate characters and locations. It connects to other island games, making your pirate island adventure even more exciting!


This game can be described as an interactive island boat dollhouse where you can interact and touch almost all objects. Explore the city’s boat wonderland with fun characters and detailed locations. You can also role-play and create your own stories. Let’s get together and go on a pirate treasure hunt to discover the secrets of pirate islands in boat adventures. Enjoy pretend play sea games with your family and friends. You will find special items for pirates, thiefs, and captains!


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