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The new version of Radio Ativa FM App allows you to enjoy your favorite radio station from anywhere you go with the help of a Bluetooth device. With this new innovation, you can easily experience the real flavor of your favorite music channels. The new Radio Ativa FM App offers a complete Radio Station Management solution that will help you organize and manage all your radio stations from one place. This gives you the freedom to switch between any number of radio channels in a hassle free manner without any hassle. This software is completely free and does not cost you any amount of money.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The latest version of Radio Ativa FM App provides a host of impressive features to its users. With the application on your pc, you get to listen to more music channels by simply loading them up in the selected radio station list. Simply open the app, launch it and you are done with it. The best thing is that the application has been designed keeping in view the requirements of a frequent traveler and hence you do not have to face any hassles when you travel. The new version of Radio Ativa FM App has been modified to work well on your windows mobile phone or PDA. So with this app you get to enjoy your favorite radio stations wherever you go.


If you wish to control multiple radio stations from your home screen, Radio Ativa FM App comes handy for you. It offers you the power to browse through hundreds of radio stations by selecting any one that suits your mood or need. This amazing program allows you to control all your favorite radio channels like rock, alternative, jazz, news, sport, kids, religion, Asian, western music, and many more on your pc app by long pressing on the channel name. You can change the track by tapping on the title and you will hear the voice through speakers. Likewise, you can change the volume by long pressing on the play button and listen as you like.


If you wish to connect your cell phone to your pc windows phone via usb, the Radio Ativa FM Downloads also lets you do that. Just click on the options menu, click on the radio tab, and select your cell phone from the list. Then you just have to connect the device and enjoy listening to your favorite channel.

Effects & Sounds

The most impressive feature of the Radio Ativa FM App is that it acts as a Bluetooth device that connects your Bluetooth stereo to your home screen using the USB connection. Thus you can play music directly from your bluestacks from the Radio Ativa FM App. Moreover you can also listen to your favorite channel by selecting any of the channels present on your home screen. Thus this app not only act as a radio but as a communication tool too.


The Radio Ativa FM App is a unique application that has some outstanding features like: Bluetooth connectivity with PC, voice projection, channel selection, tone control, channel scan, song title, album title, radio station identification, and many other related features. Thus this unique software has got all the qualities that you look for in a good mobile phone or handheld software. It offers you great value for money. It is compatible with all kinds of handsets like HTC Evo, Nokia E71, iPhone 3GS, and many more. This is one of the best programs of its kind that works extremely well. The price of the program is very reasonable and the features are not redundant or overpriced.


When you are using this software, you can expect to enjoy all the features without having to worry about compatibility with different kinds of handsets. This is because all the channels and songs are compatible with all the operating systems. Moreover, this program also comes with the facility to share your play list with all the people who are on your friends list. Thus you can easily create a music track and share it to all your friends and family members with the help of Radio Ativa FM Download. You can also use this application to update your personal details like your name, age, sex etc and thus make yourself known to others who are online everyday.

Experience After Reviw

Thus Radio Ativa FM Downloads is a revolutionary radio station management tool that give you total control over the play list, radio stations, favorites, radio category, and even the audio quality. Moreover, this unique application has some additional features like: radio library, radio scanner, radio finder, radio schedule finder, and much more. You can easily download this application from the internet by paying the small fee that is offered in its web page. And if you want to upgrade then you have to pay extra money. It is worth it because this application truly offers you a rich experience and a true entertainment from Radio Ativa FM Download.


Rádio Ativa FM 99,7

Uma rádio valtada ao publico A B e C, tocando todos os Ritmos
Nossa programação pode ser acompanhada em qualquer parte do mundo através do site

Abrangência – 40 Km aproximados

Radio Ativa FM

Barra do Bugres – 31.058 habitantes
Porto Estrela – 3.639 habitantes
Nova Olímpia – 17.529 habitantes
Denise – 8.494 habitantes

Download Radio Ativa FM Mod Apk v5.0.0 (Free purchase) Free For Android

What's new

* Novo layout mais bonito e responsivo


* Notificação para executar e pausar músicas


* Correções de bugs


* Compatibilidade com versões antigas de android