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Real Steel

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Real Steel Game

Real Steel – the fan favourite game from the Real Steel series has been out of the country for some time now and in the mean time fans all over the world have been awaiting its arrival with great interest. The reason why it has been out of the country for long is because of the many problems associated with the release of the game. Due to the problems associated with the release, the game has been delayed several times. If you are a real Steel fan, it is definitely the best time to get the game.

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The game that is coming up has got to be the strongest ever created in the Real Steel series. The development company that is behind the Real Steel franchise is really listening to their fan base and giving them all the love they can get. The latest update gives us an insight into what is in store for us in the near future for the rest of the Real Steel series and let’s get into the information.


In the coming update we get the following information, the game will feature new characters including the following; the Heavy Metal mechanic, Bladedancer, the Bladedancers’ leader and comrades, the Nodensuit and the new player character, the silent assassin. This information gives us a little bit more on the characters we already know and love like; the heavy metal mechanic, the Bladedancer and the Bladedancers’ leader and comrades. They have all been given new costumes so that they look as cool as they always have been. We also get to learn that this game will feature the new “heavy metal” mechanic that will allow the players to choose from one of three different types of weapons. There will also be new tracks that we will be playing on and several brand new missions and challenges that will allow us to enjoy the game even more.

Real Steel apk unlock

The story revolves around a man that has lost all of his human emotions and is left with no hope left of ever regaining those again. In this game, you will have the chance to save the man’s girlfriend and the only way to do this is by going through the game and completing all of its challenges. Each level will present you with a new set of obstacles that will require you to use your entire arsenal of weapons and robots to finally prevail and bring peace back to this region. If you thought the original story of the game was just amazing, then you will not even want to try it for the new story is just amazing.


One of the biggest surprises I received when I downloaded the Real Steel for PC was the fact that there were actually several different robot modes available. You could play as the human yourself and go through the entire game without any help at all and just get kills. You could also play with a team of bots and take down the most robots possible or simply go head to head against the computer generated humans. There are no more annoying puzzles where you have to figure out which robot is the real one because they are all photoshopped out of the picture. You now get to choose which robot you want to be and it is up to you to get the job done.


Another thing that I liked about the game is that it allowed me to play in split screen mode where you could also do some comparison shopping. There were two ways to play the game: one was the single player which allowed you to save your progress after winning a battle and the other was the multi-player mode where you could either try to defeat the computer or the other players. You also have the option of downloading several cheats and other enhancements that are available for purchase on the Real Steel website for a discounted price. Although the majority of these features are not available on the Xbox 360, I still feel that the game is worth downloading for.

new update 2021

The graphics and the sounds that are included are both top notch. Although some of the sounds are a bit repetitive at times, it’s still pretty good graphics and the best part is that they’re all brand new! One thing I do not like is the constant updates to the Robotic Universe that seem to pop up every month or so. I believe that the company should have more patience with the updates since the game is still in its early stages.


I believe that Real Steel Robot Battle is one of the best Robotic Universe games on the market today. With the ability to communicate with the players, play against some of the best players in the world, and having an amazing graphics, it definitely deserves its status as the best Downloadable Game for the Xbox 360. If you’re a fan of robots and combat then this game will definitely have your attention and leave you craving for more!