Robbery : Choose your own Story ( Mod, Unlimited ALL )


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25 August 2020
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Robbery : Choose your own Story (Mod, Unlimited All) for Android

Description: Robbery: Choose Your Own Story (UGR, Unlimited Gold) is a game that is similar to other MMO games. It is a story-driven game that lets you make the choice of the character you want to play. This is the type of game that has a lot of twists and turns. Here is an overview of this game.


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The game is free-to-play and you have the option to play this game at your convenience. It has been designed for people of all ages. The game is set in the year 1495 and is called Robbery. This game features a huge map with many different quests.

Story: The story of Robbery is set in feudal Japan. This story is based on the Japanese legends and myths. When a powerful demon called Shikibu appeared, the samurai’s life was in danger. It was the duty of the samurai to protect the townsfolk and their way of life.


To fight against Shikibu, they called upon the assistance of a man called the Demon Lord. This lord was defeated by the hero. However, he had to leave the hero’s side because he was captured by the evil lord. The Demon Lord then decided to take revenge and kill everyone. However, the hero came up with the idea of coming up with a story about him, where he would tell the stories of the townsfolk as the story of how he came to be known as the hero.


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Story: You are given three days to complete each quest in Robbery: Choose Your Story. You get gold, silver and elixir along the way. Every time you complete a quest, a new reward is given to you.

Main Quest Line: The main quest line of Robbery: Choose Your Story begins at the end of Chapter 1. There are two main storylines that you will follow through the game. One involves fighting against Shikibu and the other one involves fighting evil lord.


Evil Lord: The evil lord is the boss of the game and he is referred to as the Dark Lord. This lord uses several spells, enchantments, swords and weapons to fight you. As the player, you will need to defend yourself from this lord and defeat his many spells. In order to do that, you need to gather enough gold, silver and elixir to do so.


In the story game, you will also need to learn more about the world you are in, the customs of that particular town, the history of that town, and more. These are the main things you need to know in Robbery: Choose Your Story game. The developers of this game have put a lot of effort in it to create the most believable storyline that will help you understand the game.

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