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Royal Defense Zombie Game is a highly entertaining game with a lot of exciting elements. It’s been receiving a lot of positive reviews by hardcore zombie fans from Facebook. One of the best things about this game is that you can basically experience the thrill of playing this game from the safety of your own home. This is definitely a must-have for all those people who do not have the time to go out and play other live games. If you are interested, read on to discover more about Royal Defense Zombie Game Graphics and Visual Quality for this highly addictive game.

Graphics and Visual Quality

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In Royal Defense Zombie Game, you are tasked to defend the Island from zombies and spirits by using a variety of weapons and techniques. You can choose between a number of different weapons and strategies to finish off your enemies. Weapons used include bows & arrows, sticks, guns, crossbows, and even explosives. The fighting itself is really intense and captivating. It’s definitely a lot of fun to play the game.


Royal Defense Zombie Game starts out with you defending your Island from waves of zombies. As the game progresses, more zombies will flood your Island. Once they start pouring in, you need to find a way to stop them. There are several paths on which you can perform this task. However, each path will be difficult to traverse due to a limited number of zombies that you will be faced with.


Graphics and Visual Quality in Royal Defense Zombie Game are simply outstanding. The entire game is filled with a bright, colorful background. The effects of the weapons are really cool too. There are different settings too, which help to add some more realism to this game. Different environments are also available for you to experience.

Effects & Sounds

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During the game you will see numerous zombies rushing towards you. You will need to stay focused and shoot all the zombies as they approach you. Each weapon has its own specific function. The zombie will eventually fall to the ground once it gets hit and will reveal its head.


Another feature of the game is the co-op mode. With the help of a friend, or even a computer, you can work together to eliminate the zombies. This helps to make the game more challenging and interesting. The zombies in this game do not move very fast, which makes it harder to track them with your eyes.


Although the graphics and audio are great, I do not think they are to the point where they could dampen the intensity of the game. They are good enough, but there is something that could be done to improve them. Sound is just part of the enhancement that you can have, although I do not think it would really affect the enjoyment. The zombie sounds are annoying at times though.

Experience After Reviw

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If you are someone who enjoys playing games with lots of action, then you will enjoy Royal Defense Zombie Game. It provides all the elements that a zombie game should have. Graphics are top notch, and the game is challenging. The game is free so there is nothing to lose. The game is available for both free and paid versions, so play for what you want.


The story behind the Royal Defense Zombie Game revolves around a group of college students who get stranded in a mall after a virus causes everyone to turn into zombies. As their only source of food and life, they begin searching for a way to get back to the outside world. However, they run into a mysterious man who has the ability to make gates in time. With the help of this boy and his friends, they are able to fight off the zombies long enough for the police to arrive.


I liked the graphics in the game. They were crisp and looked like they were straight out of the movies. The gun shooting scenes were done very well, and I loved how they were bright and colorful. The zombie themes worked well also. Even the bad guys that were running around were very memorable.

Fully unlocked

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The Royal Defense Zombie Game is a fun flash game that anyone should play. It’s simple and easy to pick up, and it’s worth your time to play through the different levels to see if you can survive all of them. In my opinion, I enjoyed the game more than the actual defense theme. If you’re looking for a fun time online playing games, you’ll definitely want to try the Royal Defense Zombie Game!


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Royal Defense Zombie Game is a brain teasing, fun and addictive game which can be played online for free. It has many exciting aspects like controlling different kinds of zombies, controlling the seasons, building your own zombies, controlling the wind, using the environment to your advantage and much more. Royal Defense Zombie Game is an amazing flash based game which can be enjoyed by people of any age. Many years back, this game was one of the most hyped and popular games in the market. However, due to recent changes in the game’s concepts, it has become more interactive and appealing than ever before.


Royal Defense Zombie Game has been made exciting through its time period and all the versions available on different gaming sites. In the beginning, the game was considered as just another boring simulation based on military tactics. However, it has transformed and has become something more. This time, the zombies in this game have the ability to talk and interact with you in different ways which makes this game more exciting.


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After a series of updates and patches, this game has become more interesting with each passing day. It was earlier in its time period that there were only a few zombies in each level but now, you can see millions of zombies playing at the same time. The undead creatures are also playing a major role in making this game more exciting by flocking around your location and preventing you from playing the other mode in case you are not the undead type.


In the game, you are playing as Chris, a war hardened soldier who survived the war. One day, he got separated from his unit and met a girl named Lori, who was being held prisoner in a strange facility. He was going to investigate the situation when he was attacked by the zombies. During the attack, Lori was bitten by one of them and became infected. Since she was already infected, she started to exhibit the undead traits like eating brains and roasting human meat.


You are also playing as Dead Air himself who is a member of the defense force. He had gone through a lot of crisis situations in the past and was tough and was able to make his own way through. Now, he is protecting the whole city of Eastvale from the zombies. The main mission of the game is to defend the city from all angles so you can get to the top of the tower and eventually kill all the zombies who have gathered at the top.


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The game features zombie attacks occurring almost throughout the map. However, in some level, you will also see that there are no zombies in that particular area. You can also find a number of weapons and items during your gameplay which are essential for making your game more thrilling and exciting. There is also a complete map with information about the level and the entire scenario which will guide you through playing the game correctly.


In the end, you can be considered as a winner if you are able to protect the city using all means possible. Royal Defense Zombie Game is not just a mindless shooting game where you are to shoot as many zombies as you can in just one play session. Rather, it is a strategic game in which you have to think properly and plan properly before engaging the enemy or zombies. It also teaches the players some tactics and strategies through its videos which are included along with the game package. Other than this, you can also obtain tips as well as hints for being a successful player on the Internet.

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This zombie game is a great choice if you love defense oriented games and if you have been looking for a new challenging game to play with. Its storyline is based on a true story and the graphics are beautifully created making it look and sound intense. Moreover, playing this game will also help you in sharpening your tactical and strategic skills. If you are still not sure if this game is for you, then try it now.