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Search By Image


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Download Search By Image Latest version 2021



Have you ever wondered how to search by image on Google? I have to say that this is one of the coolest features of the latest Google smartphone. You can use this cool feature in your device as well. You can access the best possible web search by using Google’s Image search option. There are many ways to use this facility. The free version has only the latest features and it gives you limited options to search by image.


Before you get excited, you need to know where to find all these free goodies. I have included the link below to give you a head start. The facility is available on the Google Play Store. You need to download the Google app from the Google Android Market.


Modifications are made to the Google Now card in order to make it more exciting. If you want to enjoy the latest search by image options, you need to install the Google Now card on your device. This app is a part of Google’s newest updates introduced in July. It will replace the cards that you are now getting from the Google search interface. The free Google Play app gives you a preview of what is in store for you in terms of the latest search by image options.


The images can be searched according to categories like cityscapes, lifestyle, nature, and so on. The images that you can search by image include animations, cars, beaches, cats, games, holiday snaps, celebrities, funny photos, music albums, political clips, and so on. If you search by image, Google suggests the best result based on the location of the image in the World Wide Web. The latest search by image gives you the option to preview the search result and choose whether to proceed to the next image or not.

Search By Image Unlocked 



To enable this amazing function, you have to download the Google Now app on your device and make it available to all the Android devices that are currently connected to the internet. If you have an iPhone, you also have to make it available to use the app. Once you do that, you can start searching images on the web. There are many places on the internet where you can find images that are related to your search.


With the help of the latest search by image feature, images that are older than a day are hidden from the search results. You also have an option to search for the exact image that you want. This makes the search much easier since you only need the exact text or name of the image that you want. Instead of browsing hundreds of images, you just need to enter just the name of the image that you want.

New Update 2021 



In addition, if you want to narrow down your search by category, the app presents you with search results in alphabetical order. The images that are closest to what you are looking for are presented first. For example, if you are looking for pet images, you can click on the images that have the words ‘puppy’ or ‘dogs’. This will provide you with a list of relevant images and you can choose one from there.


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Overall, you can search by image in many ways. You just need to know how to make it work for you and your smartphone. The new features of Google Now make it even easier to search images. Remember to look for other apps that are more flexible so that you can also search by image. After all, your smartphone deserves the best images.