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Slay the Skywatch is the next installment of the popular Counter-Strike: Digital Edition franchise. The game is available for free online, so you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy it. This is also the first of a major new franchise that is being developed by Mega Caverns, a development studio based in New York. The game is highly polished and the art style is truly excellent. In this article, I will discuss some of the best features of the upcoming updates that will be included in the final game:


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A brand new playable character is finally added to the game. Meet Vainguard, a mysterious pirate captain who commands a fleet of warships. He will make your experience more exciting as he’ll give you several different starting missions as well as different endings. The storyline will definitely get to be more interesting and I’m sure that players will be looking for more as the game progresses. There are still no specific details about the character, but the developers promise that the game’s story will captivate the players.

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Another big feature that will be included in the first update is the new ranking system. Players will be able to see which skills they currently have and rank them according to their skill level. As the game gets more updates, the ranking system will further be improved, so be patient as this is one element that will definitely get a lot of attention from the players. There won’t be any hidden characters, but there will be a new ranking format in place.


This is probably one of the most awaited updates for the game. The first content patch is scheduled to be released on Thursday the 25th of April and it will introduce the ‘Rank Match’ system. What makes this system better compared to other online games is that each player will be able to link up and have a friendly match on the battlefield. The match will be based on the player’s performance in previous games as well as the player’s rank.

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Aside from the ‘Rank Match’, there will also be some freebies and special items included in the update. The first free item that will be given out is the ‘Vigor Mortars’, a powerful mortar that will surely get the gamer’s attention. There will also be other free items given out such as the ‘Slay The Fatigue Gauge’, the ‘Aegis Shield’ and the ‘Vigor Bandanna’. In order to get the special items, a player will have to search through the top 100 players list in the game and use the codes given to obtain the item.


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Apart from these freebies, there will be some other great features in store for the game. There will be two classifieds which include the’Glory Hole’ and the ‘Free Parking slots’. The Glory Hole will allow a player to get rewards for opening the hole while the Free Parking space will let one gain credits by simply entering the area. These two slots are intended for gamers who enjoy playing the game for money as well as those who enjoy playing the game for free.

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Users can also look forward to a number of improvements. The next major addition is the ‘Maple Syrup’, which will help increase the player’s experience in a variety of activities. They can get to fight alongside their friends and earn rewards for every kill they make. Moreover, they will be able to find secret items that will further increase their experience. There will also be new levels added to the game, which will enable gamers to see the advancement of their character.


If you are looking for a new online strategy game that you can play for free, then you should definitely try the game called Slay the Spire. This game has been created by Zynga, which is one of the biggest game companies in the world today. In case you are not sure whether or not you can get the game for free, then you can simply access the site and use the free trial options that will enable you to get a better idea of the game. The best part about playing the game for free is that you get an opportunity to play the entire game for free, without having to pay any money at all.