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Smart Launcher has always been one of the most popular and most used Smartphone application development tool for both business and personal users in UK. As of the latest release Smart Launcher 5 has been completely rewritten to make it more powerful and user-friendly. The new layout of the total mobile manager has made it easier for the users to access and use all the important applications in a hassle free manner. Let’s see what are the major new additions in Smart Launcher 5:


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* Microsoft launcher – The Microsoft launcher has been integrated into Smart Launcher 5, so that you don’t need any third party application to use Microsoft Office apps in your phone. The Microsoft folder can be easily accessed by long pressing the home button together with the text ‘Office’. Moreover, tapping on the ‘start’ button will launch the Microsoft folder with the latest updates for Office. This is the best assistant for Microsoft Office, as you do not need any third party application to open the Office widgets.

Download Smart Launcher 5 apk latest version 2021

* Smart Dialer – The Smart Dialer is another new feature introduced in the Smart Launcher app. The Smart Dialer will allow the users to set custom names for their incoming calls and you can even mark the call as complete if the call has no response. The new layout for the Smart Launcher app drawer has also provided with the options for the dialer such as the long touch gesture to select the preferred contact and the pinch gesture to send the call to the person. Apart from the dialer, the Smart Launcher app drawer has been enhanced with various other options such as the recent searches, recent files, all apps, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.


* Action Launcher – The first action launcher app has been modified to provide the users with the best usage. The Google search result has been replaced by the activity launcher along with the additional features such as the full-featured widgets and the recent apps list. You can switch between the two with a single tap. This version of the Smart Launcher also allows the free layout of the home screen while the in-app purchases are supported by the ad banners.

Smart Launcher 5 apk unlock

* Adw launcher 2 – The second version of the adw launcher has been re-designed and provides the users with the best entertainment experience. The icons in the home screen to provide the latest information about the upcoming events, weather forecasts and currency rates. The Google search option has been replaced by the contextual advertisements, which will also provide the links to the relevant websites. The adw launcher provides the option to switch between the currency rates, weather forecasts and the phone’s wallpaper. You can also access the Google places, Google Play store and the apps section.


* Smart Gallery – The third and final release of the Smart Launcher has added the customization options for the gallery. Now you can change the color of the artwork, change the size of the gallery or change the background of the widget. The customizations help the users to personalize their devices in a unique way. There is a long list of customization options such as the grid size, the style and the transparency of the widget. You can easily find the right options for your device with such an easy interface.

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* Smart Search – The Smart Launcher 5 app drawer has been enhanced with some of the most popular Google tools. Now you can search the category, the name or the text according to your preference. The app drawer allows you to easily access your installed apps, widgets and the built-in features. The Smart Search has been enabled by the default installation of the Smart launcher apps. If you want to turn it off, you can uninstall them


These are some of the best mobile phone users’ options, which can be used to create a unique user experience. The Smart Launcher skins provide a lot of options to customize the phones. The icons are also unique and extremely easy to apply to the various Smart Phone brands.


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“Smart Launcher 5 ” is an application for the Facebook Android platform, which allows you to customize your Facebook Android experience. This application makes it possible to access your Facebook account from any location, while providing you with access to all of your friend’s feeds, profile information and wall posts as well as recent updates. In addition, Smart Launcher displays all of your friend’s avatars, provides you with easy access to your recent activity logs and allows you to view your complete photo albums. With Smart Launcher, it’s possible to enjoy all of these features in a visually stunning manner.

Smart Launcher 5 App Story

Smart Launcher 5 is extremely popular for a reason. It provides a highly functional interface for a cost-effective monthly subscription. What’s even better is that you don’t need to purchase any additional apps or plugin in order to use Smart Launcher. If you like the way Smart Launcher looks on your phone, then you can pay the nominal fee and unlock all of its capabilities.


The Smart Launcher 5 App Drawer allows you to swipe your fingers in a downward motion across app drawer shortcuts. By tapping on one of the shortcuts you’ll be taken to the appropriate app. Swiping over an item will take you to the next section or to the main menu if there are multiple selections. Each time you tap an app shortcut it will expand to show a larger preview of the screen.


The Smart Launcher 5 Quick Settings Tab allows you to quickly customize your home screen with just a couple of simple touches. Simply tap an available option to create a new quick settings page. You can change what appears on the home screen, lock/unlock widgets and even change the font style. By tapping an available quick setting option you’ll be taken to the relevant configuration screen. Any changes you make will be applied immediately when you boot up your device.


If you want to keep your screen from being too dim, Smart Launcher 5 has three dots which can be dragged around to increase the light level in your screen. To access the three dot menu, tap on the upper right corner of the screen. You can then choose the desired brightness from a list that contains options like “normal”, “max”, “auto” and “brightness”. When you tap the “Max” option, your screen will become even brighter.


The Smart Launcher 5 App Drawer lets you to swipe left or right to scroll through recent apps and search history. If you tap the clock icon you’ll be taken to the clock application. By tapping the search icon you can search for applications and you can also create a new search. This section also allows you to pull down the installed applications list to reveal the hidden apps you may have been missing.

Smart Launcher 5 App Graphics and Visual Quality

The Smart Launcher 5 Home Screen widget offers a simple overview of your home screen. To access the Smart Launcher 5 App Drawer, tap on the upper right corner of the app drawer. You will then see three dots, tap one to open the Smart Launcher 5 app drawer. Within the app drawer, you will find the settings, along with an options menu. If you tap on the plus sign symbol, you can expand the menu and find an option to add widgets to your homescreen.


If you tap on any of the icons you’ll be taken back to your homescreen. If you would like to change the color of your home screen, tap on one of the icons. If you would like to change the style of your home screen, tap on one of the icons. If you would like to change the appearance of your home screen, tap on one of the icons. If you would like to access the Smart Launcher 5 Quick Settings tool, tap on the check box labeled “Settings”. These are just a few of the many ways you can access the Smart Launcher app drawer.