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Sniper Zombie



The Sniper Zombie Game is an exciting new flash game coming to the iOS 10 this autumn. This zombie styled platform game promises to be even more exciting in its second version running free on the iPhone. The game puts the player in control of a band of commando characters trying to save the world from the hordes of Zombies. Some of the main story lines take place in the future, after the events seen in the film, The Zombie Chronicles.


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In this undead-themed title there are two versions to play, the premium and the standard. With the premium membership you get access to all the different models available. These consist of the Elite Zombie Sniper, the Elite Zombie Realtor and the Zombie Sheriff. Each of these come with their own unique characteristics. For example the Elite has a scope as well as an increased firing rate. The other two all feature unique weapons and upgrades.

Download Sniper Zombie apk latest version 2021

To find out if you can have access to the latest version, all you have to do is join the Zombie Apocalypse Facebook group. On the homepage you will see links to all the different versions available. Once you have confirmed you want to download the free Zombie Sniper 3d commando game you will be automatically added. Just click on the download now button.


A few things about the game are worth knowing. Like many iPhone applications, you have the option to either run it while you are free or limit time that the application is active on your phone. Each of the iPhone apps have several levels of advancement and are designed for the most advanced gamer on the market. As the app progresses, your zombie snipers will be getting better skills and the environments they are operating in will be increasingly difficult. This adds to the frantic, action-packed game play you are sure to love.

Sniper Zombie apk unlock

In this version of Zombie Sniper 3d, you can get unlimited access so there is no reason to limit the fun. The game is great both for casual gamers and hardcore gamers. The endless rounds of combat and excitement to keep you coming back for more. Even if you find yourself running out of energy after a few rounds, the addicting game play and the fast pace to allow you to level up faster and earn more medals in the process.


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When you begin playing, you will be tasked to either be the marksman or the zombie. Either way, you will be earning medals while overcoming a myriad of obstacles. The objective is very clear; you need to kill as many zombies as possible within the time allowed. However, being the zombie, you will also need to avoid being killed by the humans who are trying to protect their home. This adds a whole new element to the game that makes it truly thrilling.

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If you find that you are having a hard time with some of the missions, you can always pause the game and try again later. Although it is a game that is on the slower side, you will get use to the fast pace of the action and the mission will become easier the more you play it. After earning a set amount of money, you can then upgrade to the professional hunter class that has better weapons, armor, and vehicles. With a better-equipped character, you are sure to get more mission opportunities and have a better chance of surviving them all.


The one thing you need to know about playing these types of games is that you must practice your aim if you want to get more kills. There are many targets that will explode upon contact with the weapon of your choice so you need to stay away from the explosive ones. It is quite simple but it will take some time to master the controls and learn how to play the game.