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If you are an expert of fitness and an innovative exerciser, Sololearn Pro App will surely be able to provide you the best information on the latest in workout regimes. You can use this app for a number of things, which include tracking the amount of calories burnt, the heart rate, the distance covered and the time of your workouts. The app features a workout diary which will enable you to know the progress made with every workout session. It also has the latest workouts which are meant to provide the best exercises and routines to you.


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This app comes with a lot of interesting features like calorie counting workouts, fat burning workouts, interval training workouts, yoga workout routines and strength training workouts, inbuilt calculation for the total body fat and the total number of calories burned. It is completely based on the calorie technique to measure the exact amount of calories consumed by the body. The Calorie counting technique has been widely used by many health experts to determine the caloric intake. However, the biggest disadvantage of this technique is that it does not help in losing weight in an effective way. With this app, you can easily get a perfect workout routine that can help you lose a few pounds and a perfect fitness regime.

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Other than that, the Calorie burning workouts provide the best training and aerobic workout routines and it will help you in losing a lot of weight too. This calorie counting app contains three great workouts, which include the hi-tech circuit training, the beginner circuit training and advanced circuit training. Each workout provides you the best training and cardio workout to help you get the most effective results in less time. This calorie-burning app also features the traditional interval training workouts, which has been designed to give you a good and efficient workout. Based on the calorie-counting technique, the hi-tech circuit training workout gives you the best training.


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The calorie burning hi-tech training provides the hi-tech cardiovascular workouts to help you burn the most number of calories in the least time through interval training method. The calorie counting techniques of this training helps you get the best results in the least time. This training provides the hi-tech workouts of the aerobics. It provides great cardio workouts to help you in getting rid of the unwanted fat from the body.

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The calorie burning interval training has been specially designed to help you in burning maximum number of calories per each interval. This interval training method also helps in reducing the amount of calorie that is consumed after the work out. The advanced training feature of the app allows you to track the calories burnt, the time spent per interval, the number of calories consumed after the workout and the total calories consumed after the training session. You can also get the workouts stored in the phone using the SD card. The calorie goal for every day and the total calories burned in the given time can be monitored using the mobile phone. This helps you in getting the perfect plan to reach your goal of losing weight and calories.


Besides helping you track the calorie levels, the calorie goal also helps in knowing the number of calories required to perform specific exercises. The interactive workout videos help in better understanding of exercising. The videos show the correct way to perform each exercise in losing the unwanted fat from the body. The workout videos are easy to follow and are available in many different languages for the people belonging to different countries.

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The heart rate monitoring mechanism provided in the Sololearn Pro App is a great advantage. This helps in calculating the intensity of the workout by calculating the heart beats per minute. The heart rate monitor features the chest strap and the finger ring that monitor the heart rate. This feature is helpful in calculating the fat burn rate and it also guides you about the calories you have burnt during the training sessions. You can set the desired target goal and the calorie goal using the calorie goal feature.


The most important factor that you must keep in mind while using this application is to stay away from the junk food and eat the right kind of foods to get rid of the extra fat from the body. Skipping meals is a good option as it keeps the calorie intake low and the process of burning the fat becomes easier. The daily workouts provide the required calories to the body to reduce the unwanted fat. You can log the number of calories burnt during the training session to know your daily calorie requirement. The exercises are designed in a way so that it makes the workout fun and interesting and you get used to doing the same kind of exercises the next day itself.

The main features of the Sololearn Pro App include the following:

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The app provides you with an innovative workout routine that will help you in reducing your fat without compromising on the amount of calories you consume. The app boasts of features that make it different from other similar apps available in the market. The app features an advanced workout diary that will help you monitor your progress made on each workout session. It also comes with the most recent workouts that are designed to give you the most effective workouts and routines.


This app has several different workout sessions including cardio workouts, weight training, aerobic sessions and anaerobic workouts. It is also designed to calculate your calorie target and gives you tips to achieve this accordingly. The calorie goal calculated by the app can be seen in real time so that you can plan the number of workouts you should undertake per day.


The app allows you to see the effect of your calorie intake on the calories burned. This way you will know how many calories are being burned by you. You can also track the amount of calories you have consumed and the calories you have burned by logging into the calorie counters located on the home page.


The Sololearn Pro App comes with four different workout routines that you can use in a variety of ways. These workouts include the first, second and third one. You can set up these routines on the app and they will automatically be performed when you activate them. You can easily change from one routine to another. There are two types of exercises included in the calorie counting workouts: interval training workouts and endurance or cardio workouts.


Interval training workouts increase the intensity of each workout to burn more calories. This type of workout is great for those who want to lose a certain amount of unwanted fat. They can vary their workouts from three to five days per week. If you do not like interval training workouts you can also use endurance or cardio workouts. These can take place in the comfort of your own home and will burn calories more efficiently than interval training.


The calorie counter and weight loss goals are clearly defined on the Sololearn Pro App website. You will need to pay a one time fee to unlock all of the features. Once you have paid the fee, you will be able to unlock everything and use the app to its fullest. It is highly recommended that you perform lots of research online to determine which workout program is best for your specific needs. Different people may require different workout programs, so it is important to find a program that suits you best.

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Every workout program includes instructions for the proper way to perform each exercise. If you are not following the directions, you risk injuring yourself. If you perform an exercise improperly you may be left with unwanted fat. You should calculate all of your calories burned during your workout. This should be taken every day and kept in a daily log. This information will allow you to set a daily calorie goal for yourself and allow you to achieve that goal.


This is also great to calculate the amount of calories you are burning throughout the day. When you set a calorie goal, you can see at a glance if you are on track to lose weight or gain fat. Once you reach your goal you can increase your caloric intake. This helps you keep the amount of fat you have on a constant if you are on a diet. Once you reach your desired goal you can reduce the amount of calories you eat and start burning fat.


The reason the Pro App offers a calculator is that many of the exercises burn more fat than they bring forth. This is a good feature because you can set yourself a goal and if it does not take off like you expected you will know to add more workout so that you can lose fat. Most of the exercises will also burn a lot of calories so if you have the goal to set, but just not coming true you can increase the amount of workouts until you have reached your goal.

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The main reason this weight loss app is getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried it is because it is simple to use. There are tons of weight loss programs out there that make it complicated for people to get into a workout routine. This weight loss app is easy to understand and even though it might be hard to figure out the numbers, it does not matter because you will figure them out eventually. People love to stay motivated and the nice thing about this program is that it keeps you motivated. You do not want to give up so easily especially when you have been doing it for a while.