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The developers have made an excellent Sonic Dash – Longitude Game latest version for the Nintendo Wii. This version includes all the best features of the original version and also has several exciting additions which makes this game more interesting and exciting. In the traditional version, you had to move over various hurdles on the ground while collecting the six mini gems that are available along the top edge. In this latest version you have to run through space as well as levitate over the edge of the space stations.


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Download sonic dash – endless running & racing game apk latest version 2021

The main objective in the game is to collect the six mini gems in every stage. You have a limited number of tries to complete the level. When you are about to lose your last life, you will have to land on the bottom edge of the station and use the Dash button. In addition to this, there are some exciting challenges which make this game much more interesting and challenging.


The new game also includes a brand new feature which allows you to upload your high score in an online community so that other users can try to beat it. The new feature also has several new levels, modes. In the Story mode you need to collect the six stars and continue running through the game to reach the goal. In the race mode you need to collect the six stars and reach the finish line first. There are several power ups available to you, which help you in completing the various missions.

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The online community provides you with two ways to play this exciting game. In the Endless mode, you can perform continuous loops and earn extra lives by crashing into the walls. You can also choose to play against another player in a two player split screen mode. In the split screen mode, the player needs to select a character who is located at the opposite side of the screen from them. This helps you see the character moving in the background and can be used to plan strategies against the opponent.

sonic dash – endless running & racing game apk unlock

One of the most amazing features of the Sonic Dash – endless running & racing game is the game engine. This is known as the Sonic Engine. It has been designed in such a way that it provides you with endless fun while playing the game. The game engine allows for many different kinds of changes to the game as per your requirements. It also provides you with the facility to customize the features and colors of the game. It even gives you the facility of controlling both the characters, the speed and the course through the in-game menu.


The controls for the game can be changed with the simple touch of a button. The buttons provide you with speed, power up, health and the course maps. The speed and power up can be turned on and off as per your wish. There are some special courses in the game, which can only be controlled by the use of the Sonic dash – endless running & racing car. These courses include the tunnel, green forest, ice cavern and the bottomless pit.

New Update 2021

The other interesting feature of the game is the time control feature. As you play the game, the time control feature starts working and it helps you complete your goals. When you play the Sonic dash – endless running & racing game you have the option of choosing a time limit or an end time. In the game you get to select a time limit for each level and you even have the option of making a new time limit for a level if you wish.


This amazing game is available from the internet in the version that was made available as a download. It is a very popular game and many people have played it since it was first launched. If you are not sure whether you will like this game or not, you can go for the free trial version before purchasing the full version. The best place to find this particular game is the internet.