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Sonic Forces is an upcoming video game developed by Sonic Team and released by Sega. Developed in tribute to the 25th anniversary of this popular franchise, it’s currently available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The game will feature both brand-new and previously released Sonic Forces characters and storyline. To date, there have been no announcements regarding a possible Wii or Nintendo Switch release.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Sonic Forces gameplay takes inspiration from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. In addition to a great story, Sonic Forces offers great replay value with lots of challenges and addictive gameplay. It’s the perfect game to play with friends or family. It can also be played in single player campaign, which is different from the other versions of Sonic the Hedgehog that were previously released. While playing in single player, you can explore the familiar stages where you rescued Sonic from the dreaded Dr. Eggman, as well as several new areas like the Dark Island and the Green Hill.


Throughout the game, you’ll travel through several environments, each with their own set of obstacles and hazards. For example, one level requires you to use a vehicle to go through a tunnel. In the next level, you’ll have to utilize another vehicle to take on a boss. Each of these has its own set of challenges as well as gameplay styles. The classic Sonic formula is intact with Sonic Forces, but it adds some fresh ideas and gameplay styles to make it a fun game to play.


Sonic Forces Game Features New Areas and Characters Sonic the Hedgehog returns as a playable character in the game. You can jump, run, climb walls, attack using the Sonic whip, and use the Tails’ light beam to help you get through tight spaces. Additionally, in certain stages, you can transform into Sonic, complete with new moves and gameplay styles. In addition to these additions, there are several new features as well. For example, you can now change outfits for various characters, which includes the standard green outfit for Sonic the Hedgehog, and a pair of blue outfits for Sonic and Tails.

Effects & Sounds

This game is compatible with the Sonic Forces console, which is sold separately. Sonic Forces is fully compatible with the Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. There are no extra fees associated with Sonic Forces, and the game works perfectly well with all versions of Sonic the Hedgehog.


There are two game modes in Sonic Forces. The Story mode allows you to jump right into the action with a limited amount of gameplay. There are several bonus episodes available after you finish the main story, which includes the Egg Race and Green Eggs episode. Sonic Forces Online is also compatible with online play. This allows you to battle other players, switch between different game modes, compete against the online leader board, and take on new partners to help you complete missions and run errands.


Two special edition packs are available as part of Sonic Forces. The Sonic Forces Gold Packs includes two additional levels and an extra boss battle with a Robotmaster. The Sonic Forces Silver Pack includes two more levels, while adding three custom costumes to Sonic’s wardrobe. These packs are available for purchase separately. The Sonic Forces Blue Pack contains four level layouts and an additional boss battle with the Master Robotmaster.

Experience After Reviw

Sonic Forces Online is available for download now from the Sonic Forces official site. This version of Sonic the Hedgehog has been designed by Sonic Team, the makers of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. The game provides a completely new Sonic adventure that combines great Sonic gameplay with a wide range of unique features not seen in any other Sonic game before it.


Sonic Forces is a new game developed by Sonic Team and also released by Sega. Developed in commemoration of 25 years since the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, it’s been released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Sonic Forces is an open-world action-adventure game based on the world’s most popular cartoon character – Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game, Sonic the Hedgehog returns as a new character in a brand new adventure. He must save the planet after a devastating storm hits the planet. This latest installment of Sonic the Hedgehog games are designed and recreates Sonic’s adventures like the old times.


Sonic Forces Game is a vehicle-based shooter video game that incorporates classic Sonic elements and introduces new gameplay styles. In contrast with its predecessors, Sonic Forces offers more than just a classic storyline and time period. The game gives players the chance to experience the rise of technology in the Sonic Forces universe. A look at some of the game’s key features reveals that the game presents an interesting perspective, one that takes place in a post-Sonic and Robotnik era. As mentioned, this new adventure sees Sonic and his newest allies joining the resistance against the evil Decepticons.

Fully unlocked

This is an open-world video game that recreates a modern day version of Sonic’s adventures. The game’s heroine, Sonic the Hedgehog, has been taken captive by Dr. Eggman and taken to his secret base. Here, she meets many new allies, like Tails and Knuckles, who she teams up with in battle. Sonic Forces Game includes six different playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Gamma, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow. This assortment of characters provides a classic video game feel with new ideas and gameplay elements. These additions allow players to easily differentiate their character and become immersed within the world of Sonic Forces.


One of Sonic Forces’ biggest draws is the use of a powerful element called the Rings element. This is used within the game for a variety of different activities. These activities range from mini-games to platform games and are very fluid. These games are different from the rest of Sonic’s past, which makes them even more fun to play.


There are two story lines in Sonic Forces. The Storyline I is about two new villains for Sonic and Tails to fight. Players get to see the origin of both Dr. Eggman and his evil plans, while battling Sonic. In the second storyline, Sonic and Tails go back to complete their first adventure. These two stories take place in separate timelines.


Sonic Forces takes a new angle on older Sonic games. The goal in this game is not to find the infamous Chao but to complete all four different worlds and collect all seven artifacts in each one. This helps to add an entirely new element to Sonic’s moveset, making it more fun to play than the older games.


While the change in focus of Sonic Forces might detract from some players’ interests, it doesn’t make the game bad. Sonic Forces is fun to play regardless of its direction and new additions to the formula. The graphics and music are solid and fit in with the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. In fact, Sonic Forces seems to have better presentation than any other Nintendo DS game to date.


Overall, Sonic Forces is fun to play. The goal of the game is to complete every level and to collect all the artifacts in each. From this standpoint, the game has many elements that make it different. From its unique new characters to its exciting new platform setting, Sonic Forces gives you everything you could possibly want. If you enjoyed the original games on the platform, this version provides a more in-depth gaming experience with some engaging, exciting action.

Download Sonic Forces (MOD,PRO/Speed/God Mode) 3.10.0 Free For Android