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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most loved video games worldwide. Ever since its release in 1987, the game has been a hit with children, teenagers and adults. It has gone through several improvements and now is one of the most advanced games in terms of graphics and gameplay. If you are looking for Sonic The Hedgehog Game on the Internet, you will find several versions available for download.

Sonic The Hedgehog Game Story

Sonic The Hedgehog Game is free on several websites. It is also available on several mobile phone versions. The latest version of the game has been released on several mobile phones including iPhone and Android. It is a licensed product, which means that it is not available for free. Sonic The Hedgehog Game app full unlocked can be downloaded from the respective websites for a certain price.


You can select from the wide variety of Sonic The Hedgehog Game available on the Internet. They are designed and written by several authors. They are free, so there is no chance of any financial loss. The storylines of the different games in the Sonic The Hedgehog Game have their own reasons too. And each game has different levels to play.


The prices of the different Sonic The Hedgehog Game packs vary according to the version. Similarly, the different types of Sonic The Hedgehog Games are priced differently. When you are downloading Sonic The Hedgehog Game, there are certain details that you need to follow. This is to ensure that your gaming experience is not hampered due to any technical problems or errors. Sometimes, you may have to wait a few hours for the game to load on your cell phone or laptop computer.


The first game in this franchise is Sonic The Hedgehog. It is available free online. Sonic The Hedgehog is a platform game in which the main character, Sonic the Hedgehog, needs to save his beloved green friend, Amy, from a mysterious thief. Sonic The Hedgehog is an extremely popular video game as it uses a high-tech platform, which simulates the feel of real world driving action. You can select from different difficulty levels and various game modes to play.


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is the second game in the franchise. This time around, you will play as the sidekick, Tails, who helps Sonic on his journey. In addition to the adventure game play, Sonic The Hedgehog provides its users with lots of options to customize their game experience. You can now choose between different special attacks and different special abilities. Moreover, the graphics and sound has been enhanced so that they are more attractive and appealing.


Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is the latest game in the franchise. In this game, you again play as Sonic and go around using various moves and techniques to save the world. In this game, you are also given various power ups so that you can defeat the various enemies in a variety of stages. Some of these include the hedge whip, turbo snake, energy tank, and the skis. These power ups allow Sonic The Hedgehog to explore different parts of the environment.


Sonic The Hedgehog has a number of different games and activities online. Whatever you play, whether you play Sonic The Hedgehog in solo action or you play with the other playable characters in the games, you will be rewarded with its fun and entertaining game play. Not only will you enjoy playing it, but you will also be rewarded with its amazing graphics and animations. Most people are addicted to this game and play it for long hours together. It has been designed in such a way that every player enjoys playing it.


New Premium Pro Games For Gamers

Sonic The Hedgehog is well known as one of the most beloved video games ever made. He is a hedgehog who lives in an advanced version of Sonic’s world, called the Sonic world. In this game, you will get to experience the adventure of Sonic The Hedgehog, who was turned into a hedgehog because of a terrible storm. This is why he has this powerful ability to run fast, jump very high and move quickly. Sonic The Hedgehog Game is definitely going to be one of the best Sonic games that you will get to experience.

Game Graphics and Visual Quality

In the game, Sonic The Hedgehog runs through many different environments that will take you to various interesting locations all around the globe. You can see what is happening in China, Russia, United States, Japan and Africa during the early years of Sonic The Hedgehog’s life. You will also see what his adventures are leading up to in the future. Sonic The Hedgehog Game is fully equipped with the best quality graphics and sounds that you will find in a video game. Sonic The Hedgehog Game will give you a great adventure and a sense of satisfaction when you finish this game.


One of the main features one will enjoy in Sonic The Hedgehog is the ability to run through many different zones in search of the mysterious Dark Egg that is guarded by several. There are also some other interesting zones that you will get to enter. Some of these areas include the Dark Cave, the Lost House, the Yellow Devil, the Game Room and many others. Each of these zones is designed in a very unique way that you will not experience in any other Sonic related franchise.


During the early years of the game you will be allowed to perform a few different activities that will not have any impact on your gameplay in the later levels. In the earlier levels you can simply jump from platform to platform and collect all the coins that are left over from a previous level. Throughout your adventure you will also visit the green hills zone, the ice cream stage and the tunnel levels.


Sonic The Hedgehog Game has an excellent level design and provides a great deal of variety in the activities you can perform as well as the level design. The different zones provide you with many opportunities to collect more Rings which are used in the later game in order to level up your character. In the earlier levels you only have access to the whip and the spring. These two items are essential to your gameplay. Sonic The Hedgehog allows you to utilize the use of the green button and the blue button for moving in the chosen direction.

Experience After Sonic The Hedgehog Gameplay

In the later stages of Sonic The Hedgehog you will find yourself in the ice cream zone. This area features many small moving platforms and holes that you will have to avoid while collecting the various eggs that are within their bubbles. At the center of the ice cream cone is a large green button that allows you to freeze an egg that will turn into a hedgehog that will help you in your quest to save Sonic. One of the objectives in this level is to jump against a large machine that is going to crush you. To do this you must press the jump button when you land on it. There are also several other obstacles in this level including several rotating rings that you must avoid.


Sonic The Hedgehog Game is very faithful to the original games, but in terms of improvements it does offer quite a few things. The graphics have been completely remade and feature the high quality sound effects as seen in the first game of Sonic The Hedgehog. The new hedgehog enemies have been designed to be distinct and hard to beat. You are also provided with some new mini-games including the bubble blasting and treasure hunt mini-games. Sonic The Hedgehog Game has a much more challenging level design and includes both puzzle and action based challenges.


Sonic The Hedgehog Game offers you the same great adventure and excitement that you would experience if you were to play the original version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Although, it does have some improvements that make the adventure more challenging and appealing. In the end I think that Sonic The Hedgehog Game is still as good as the first game, but it does have a few extra challenges and offers some new and unique features. This version has a bit more action than the adventure stages that the first game had and definitely ranks up there as one of the best Sonic The Hedgehog Games available on Nintendo Wii.