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25 Apr 2021
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You probably have heard of the sci-fi classic movie called “Alien”, starring Will Smith. Many people still fondly remember playing this movie during the peak of its popularity, while today’s game play technology offers players the opportunity to put in their own Alien themed games to their liking. Fully unlocked players can experience the thrill and excitement of alien shooting and space combat right in their very own home using only a PC, of course!

Spacelanders Sci-Fi Shooter Game Story

Players control the action through the use of the keyboard and mouse, which are conveniently placed at the top and bottom corners of the screen. The left mouse button fires the player’s ship, while the right mouse button is used to view the selected target, and if necessary, the space bar can be used to zoom in on the target area. Holding down both the left and right mouse buttons will cause the player’s character to twist around and move in any direction, while rapidly firing shots to destroy anything that gets in the way. A variety of additional features are available from the start, including leaderboards and the ability to earn credits that can be collected by collecting targets and destroying enemy spacecraft.


Other optional features that can be used after the game has started are related to earning money and collecting rewards. These are done by collecting credits that can then be used to purchase upgrades for the crew of the space liner ship. Several different game play types are available, including; defense games where the player must protect their craft from attacks, offense games in which they shoot at enemies, and mission games in which several objectives must be achieved before moving on to the next level.


Different levels of difficulty are available in this fun Sci-Fi Shooter Game. When the player advances to a higher level, they will be faced with more difficult missions that will require a greater degree of strategic thinking and quick reflexes. The actual action in the game takes place on the player’s spaceship. Shooting features take place within the space and target enemy vessels. Turning on the weapon, or firing a shot, will trigger an explosion that will blow up one vessel, or multiple at once.


Destroying enemy ships earns the player a score that increases as the player wins a battle. When a player reaches a particular number of kills, credits are awarded. Other bonuses are available if extra damage is incurred on the player’s ships. Once all the enemy ships are destroyed, the player earns the highest score that can be achieved.

Several different races are featured in Spacelanders. The Gorn are small green creatures that live on the surface of spaced-out asteroid belts. They are vicious fighters and are deadly enemies to the player’s ships. The Thargoids are huge black holes that resemble hollowed out black holes. These alien creatures are attacking without warning and can be devastatingly powerful when they are finished assimilating other humanoids. These aliens hide behind dense cover and ambush their unsuspecting victims in order to assimilate them into their empire of evil.


Other races include the Batarians, the Decepticons, the humans, the Klingons, and the Bumble Bees. Each one is unique in how they play the game and each one attacks differently from the others. The game has three different endings. The player can complete one mission and then return to the main menu and play in a new galaxy with a brand new space ship, or destroy the evil Galactic Empire and restore peace with the Galactic Federation.


Players must work to master each character’s skills. Different enemy ships are set to attack and they must be destroyed one by one. The player is allowed only 4 lives to play with. The missions change depending on which ending the game has been completed. This is a wonderful, challenging, and fun Sci-Fi shooter game for those who enjoy space warfare and other space adventure games.

Spacelanders Sci-Fi Shooter Game Graphics and Visual Quality

The official Facebook version of the sci-fi shooter, titled as Space Invaders is now available for free on the internet. It features the original artwork of Steve Yaeger. This exciting sci-fi shooter game was one of the very first flash games to hit the iPhone and the iPad. It’s a good representation of how popular this game really is, especially with kids.


One of the best things about it is that you can now experience the same fantastic visuals that Steve Yaeger used to create back in 1980. The great thing about it is that the latest version of the app is not only free but also one of the most feature-rich apps to date. The new app features a completely brand new storyline, new technology, and powerful gameplay options. Here are some of the exciting features that you should check out if you want to enjoy it. To help you out, here is a quick rundown of what the new update has to offer:


– You can now use the iPhone or iPad as a device to play with the aliens who are taking over the Earth. The new technology allows you to take control of one of the invading alien creatures, which starts protecting the Earth from them. While playing the app, you will be able to explore various alternate realities as well as the original one. Plus, you’ll be able to utilize the different features available on the app, such as viewing different planet grids, reviewing the stars in the sky, controlling your craft in flight and so much more.


– The classic game modes are also available for your enjoyment. One of the most exciting features is the’Arena’, which lets you pit your skills against the other players in a race to complete all levels without dying. You can also try ‘Versus’ to see who gets the highest score in this game mode.

Experience After Spacelanders Sci-Fi Shooter Gameplay

– The background imagery featured in the game is fantastic. You’ll get to view many different places around the universe using your telescope, including space stations, planets and even space travel. Plus, you’ll be introduced to the history of the outer space through a timeline of the stars and the achievements of NASA. For those who are big fans of space, this is definitely an interesting addition. Plus, you can also visit the different wormholes identified by NASA to discover a number of different destinations in the universe.


– The way in which you score is pretty neat too. Instead of being limited to shooting only at close range using a single weapon, you can now shoot at various targets at various ranges using different weapons. This adds a nice degree of variation to the game and also makes for some interesting replay value. Plus, as you get better at using the various technologies you unlock, you can equip your character with more advanced weaponry. Each level in Spacelanders has special challenges associated with them, which gives you a great reason to return to the game repeatedly.


– The visual effects are fairly realistic. Although there are a few minor fantasy elements present, the overall look and feel of the visuals are surprisingly accurate. You’ll find that it runs well on a reasonably fast computer and that the sound effects are not too distracting either. This is one of the most technologically innovative aspects of the game and as a result is one of the best features of Spacelanders.

Download Spacelanders Sci-Fi Shooter MOD APK Unlimited Money/Gems 1.3.8

So if you love the idea of using your imagination to take part in a brand new sci-fi shooting mini-adventure, then you should definitely play this game. It’s free to download from several different locations so you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a site that allows you to get started. Be sure to pick a level you are completely comfortable with as the advanced levels require a level of skill that you might not be familiar with at first. Once you get started, you’ll quickly find yourself having a lot of fun.