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Stickman Rope Hero


In Stickman Rope Hero Game, the player assumes the role of an ordinary stickman who works on a construction site unmindful of crime and danger. You can save the city from the impending destruction by taking up a job as the local security guard. The hero of the story (you) must utilize your knowledge, athletic ability, and physical strength to complete tasks assigned to you while combating a variety of fiends who try to infiltrate your fortress and cause chaos. This online stickman game offers a mixture of Stickman action, adventure, mystery, and mind-boggling puzzle action.

Stickman Rope Hero Game Story

Stickman Rope Hero Game is a stand-alone video game that features multiple player possibilities. Stickman Rope Hero is based on the popular DC comics’ popular superhero, as well as an assortment of popular characters from the Stickman cartoons. In this stickman superhero game, you assume the role as a simple stickman who is given the task of protecting the city from a band of criminals. Stickman uses his stickman guns, which consist of four barrels with metal tips, and his anti-stick abilities to instantly stop bullets and objects from penetrating his body or those of others. As you battle villains, the story unfolds, featuring a blend of Stickman shooting and building abilities against a growing onslaught of villains, each harder to defeat than the last.


The Stickman Rope Hero Game is a single player, narrative-driven, building-empire simulation game where you assume the role of a stickman superhero and save Gotham City from the evil. There are many single player story modes to choose from, including “Prodigy”, “Charmed” and “Zoning”. Each of these allows you to experience the early days of crime fighting, as well as the dark days of Gotham City crime bosses, before you get the chance to utilize your stickman tools and weapons in the later levels. As an additional story mode, players can try the non-linear “Return of the Joker”, which chronicles the events after the events of the original game. This mode is included as part of the Season Pass for Stickman: The Joker, which is sold separately.


Stickman Rope Hero is a first person shooter game based on the world’s most famous comic book. You play as Stickman, a masked vigilante with the sole purpose of stopping villains from oppressing the citizens of Gotham City. The storyline is set around the early days of stickman crime fighting, where a vicious war between two rival gangs erupted when a young boy was killed. The only person who could stop the feud was a mysterious older man with a legendary stickman rope.


Stickman Rope Hero features all the classic elements of a stickman game like multiple playable characters, building props and vehicles, skill shooting, quick time events and many more. You start out by choosing your character (Stickman oracle) and then go through the single and multi-player maps to complete challenges. Stickman Rope Hero features an enhanced version of the Stickman games that you know and love, as this version adds some extra features. For example, you can now shoot at opponents and cars, as well as climb up buildings using your handy stickman rope.


The enhanced version of Stickman Rope Hero also includes the “retro” look of the superhero. To get the new look, just extract the game from the disk, and then follow the instructions provided. Stickman Rope Hero is extremely easy to play, as it includes all the usual stickman weapons, as well as an advanced grappling move. Just use the grapple to pull your enemies into the ring and throw them off the edge, while protecting yourself with the safety shield.


Stickman Rope Hero is sure to provide hours of fun for both young and old players. The advanced physics engine ensures that you don’t fall off the map, as you move across the city in a cool and calculated way. In the Stickman Rope Hero game, there are two difficulty levels: normal and crazy. If you’re up to a challenge, you can become an amazing stickman crime lord, by using the flying stickman rope hero game, which is available from the same developer.


The Stickman Rope Hero Game is an excellent download if you love playing Stickman games. Don’t waste any more time, visit my blog for more information on other Stickman games. All the downloads available in this article are free of charge. If you like what you see and have managed to download this game and profit from it, please visit my blog for more free stuff. Enjoy Stickman Rope Hero!

Stickman Rope Hero Game Graphics and Visual Quality

Stickman Rope Hero Game is one of the best Stickman games available online today. In this exciting online stickman game, you can be appointed as either an archival stickman or stickman police officer and have to save the world from villains like; Dr. Darkkan, Mr. Squigly, Voodoo Priestess, the Face Behind the Stick, and the dastardly Dogmeat. In this top quality action packed game, you can be appointed as either a stickman; archival stickman; or stickman cop! And depending on your selection of character, you will have different assignment. Stickman Rope Hero Game provides you with two options of playing wherein you can be an archival stickman, a police officer, or a stickman detective and solve mysteries to save the world.


The exciting new update of Stickman Rope Hero Game enables you to play with three unique characters; stickman, archival and stickman detective. You can play as stickman hero using new stickman weapons and gadgets; use stickman spider rope to battle villains and win over hearts; and use powerful stickman vehicles to blow away enemy gangs and thwart cityspears’ schemes. Apart from these, this amazing stickman game also features amazing new graphics and amazing sound effects to enhance the drama and the thrill of the game.

Stickman Rope Hero Game is inspired by the famous pen & paper stories where a boy lives in a boring house, where he only has one true love and that is his young cousin. Everyday, he dreams of leaving the dark crime city and travelling to a fun and exciting town where he can meet all his beloved stickmates. One day, he received a mysterious parcel containing some very intriguing items. These items were stuck in a brightly colored package which looked like an ordinary postcard.

Experience After Stickman Rope Hero Gameplay

However, when the postcard arrived, the boy’s curiosity got aroused. He opened the wrapping of the postcard and peeped inside. Inside was a dazzling blue and white lighted stickman figure with a bulging head for hands. It looked so real that the boy couldn’t resist himself and opened the package again.


In the beginning, the story was about how young orphan Stickman is transformed into a crime fighting vigilante after saving the city from the evil clutches of the mafia. But as days passed by, the plot thickens. The MC Gang is now a criminal gangster organization run by the ruthless boss Diego. Stickman’s latest mission is to infiltrate and arrest the evil bosses and rescue the city from their clutches once and for all. But things aren’t what they seem and before long, Stickman has to face a new batch of unexpected events.


If you love adventure and crime-solving games then this Stickman Rope Hero Game is for you. You play the part of Stickman, a fearless stickman saving the city from the evil villains. Stickman uses his stick and bullet proof vest to fight back the enemy. The hero starts off with only a single bullet but the adventure grows as he acquires more powerful weapons and skills. The ultimate goal of Stickman Rope Hero Game is to shoot down every member of the villainous crew and rescue the lovely princess. The whole objective of the game is to save the damsel in distress and to do that you need to acquire various super powers.


It’s been said that the Stickman Rope Hero Game is much like an improved take on the popular Stickman game. Instead of shooting or fighting enemies head on, you instead have to avoid them and go round the city using various tools and skills to level up. However unlike Stickman, in the Stickman Rope Hero Game, your success doesn’t just lie in one shot; you will also have to find the entrances of the evil cliques to prevent them from kidnapping the beautiful girl. Once you’re through rescuing the city, the next mission is to prevent the evil masterminds from stealing the gemstones from the bottom of the ocean. There are many levels to this Stickman Rope Hero Game and it’s fun for players of all ages.

Download Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK Unlimited Money 3.8.1

The Stickman Rope Hero Game is available for free on several websites including the Google Play and iTunes store. If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you have already downloaded the mod, or are about to. For those who haven’t yet downloaded it, why not check out my review on the Stickman Rope Hero Game, as well as the other three games? You can also visit my website where I have detailed information on all the latest games that you can download for free right from your desktop computer. You’ll be happy to know that I also have a tutorial on how to download the Stickman Rope Hero Game for free on my website.