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Story Lab App by Appscom is an easy to use Instagram application that enables you to create beautiful Instagram images using only a few easy tools. This app offers several unique features that help you create captivating images. The app is completely free and ad supported. With every update of this application, you get the ability to unlock premium features for your downloads. Below are the main features of Story Lab App:


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The Story Lab App offers six different themes that include Space, Twilight, Mars Station, Polarize, Beach, and Floral. The Space theme is a simple image full of space bars, craters, planets, and stars. The Twilight theme is full of ponytail shades, pretty butterfly, and colored gemstones. The Polarize theme features sea ice with waves, ocean floor, icebergs, and waves. The Beach theme uses a relaxing beach full of waves, seashells, sand, and palm trees. The final floating theme is Floral, which features flowers, butterflies, bumblebees, hummingbirds, and birds.

Story Lab App Story

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The Story Lab App offers four premium themes that can be used in the Instagram application. These are Moon, Summer, Romance, and Garden. The app includes four premium backgrounds, which you can also use in your pictures, to enhance them.


Story Lab App offers four pre-installed images to use with this Instagram application. These are the Morning, Evening, Daytime, and Sun. The pre-installed images can be used by inserting the card images in your photo albums. You can change these images by using the ones provided in the Story Lab App.


This Instagram application has many features. One of these is the “Story Lab” option, which is available in the Premium and Free version of the app. You can create unlimited photo albums with the help of this option. You can also easily save images for uploading to Instagram.


Another feature of the Story Lab App is the option to create an Instagram story. This is available in two different ways. You can either use the Story Center, or use the draw-able tool in the Story Lab. You can also add texts to your images using the text option available on the Story Lab App.


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The Story Lab app lets you change the color of your images in two different ways. You can change the background color in one of the two selections available at the top of the screen. You can change the primary color and the secondary color. You can change the size of the image using the thumbnail option available at the bottom of the screen. The images are automatically resized according to the size of your device.


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In addition to being able to change the size of the image using the thumbnail tool, you can also use pinch in order to zoom in and out of the images. You can even add watermarks to your images using the Watermark option located in the top right corner of the app. You can share your creations using the share option available on the top of the Story Lab App. You can edit your Story by clicking on “apse” and then choose “save.”


The Story Lab App lets you use a high-quality camera in order to create photo books. You can even crop, move, flip, and enhance your photos using the camera option available on the main page of the Story Lab App. You can also add text to each image using the text option. The Story Lab App lets you save a story as a PDF document for free.


When you download an image from the Story Lab App, it is converted into a PDF file. You can then open this PDF file on different PDF readers such as the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook. The text is placed above the images on the PDF document. The Story Lab App converts your images (if they are in JPEG format) into a.jpg file. You can also change the color of your images in the Properties tab of the Story Lab App.

Story Lab App Graphics and Visual Quality

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The Story Lab App allows you to preview any of your created images. You can change your images by selecting new ones or modifying the existing images. You can add captions, labels, and texts using the text option. If you want to add special effects to your images, you can do so using the Effects tab on the Story Lab App. If you want to insert a location as a caption in an image, you can do so in the Insert Location option.


The Story Lab App lets you share your work with anyone in the world. You can publish your story to the Story Lab account or the Story Lab Website. Your story can be shared online and downloaded by anyone who wants to read it. Sharing stories online has never been easier.


Story Lab App is a new addition to the extensive list of apps for preschoolers, designed by award-winning educational software company TechSpaghetti. Story Lab was recently selected as one of the “Apps of the Year” by Apple. It is very different from other apps in that it allows pre-schoolers to manipulate an assortment of objects, including text, in a 3D world. They can also color and edit the objects with their fingers, rather than the click-and-drag features found on other apps. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Story Lab App, as well as how you can get your child involved in developing their own adventure in Story Lab App.


As the name would imply, the Story Lab App is a visually stimulating and engaging app for preschoolers. Designed primarily for preschoolers, it enables users to drag and drop objects into view, which creates optical illusions. For example, one must choose two words from a word list, click on one word, and then drag the other word onto the screen. Each word will appear with different sounds, depending on which object was dragged in.

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Each word appears in a different color depending on which object is dragged in. So, for example, green is for the apple, yellow is for the cat, red is for the dog, and blue is for the duck. While this may seem simplistic, it is a great way for a child to learn about color combination. Once a child has learned the word “apple” by dragging an apple on the screen, they can combine apples and cats together to form an” apple pie” concept. The app further teaches a child about colors, because they have to match similar objects with similar colors in the final pattern.


The Story Lab App comes preloaded with a set of activities designed by a number of professional artists. These activities range from building sand castles and playing musical chairs with musical notes, all the way to coloring pictures and making stories. In addition, there are also a number of games that allow children to interact with the toy camera. These include Scramble-Saurus, Digging for Dinosaurs, and Story Lab Surprise Adventure.

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The Story Lab App also offers a number of educational games and activities that can be played on a child’s iPhone or iPad. These activities are geared towards toddlers, but they are very helpful to older children as well. Some of these activities are available free, while others require a purchase of a certain amount of credits. Each credit buys a new lesson. Additionally, there are a number of books available through the Story Lab App that teaches various subjects, allowing children to build a library of knowledge that they can access at any time.


The Story Lab App is available in both the United States and China. This is because the Chinese version of the app allows the user to play the app without purchasing a Chinese mainland currency. On the other hand, the U.S. version will only work with a specific payment method from PayPal. Both versions of the app can be purchased at a discounted price through the iTunes store. The Story Lab website also lists several prices for each product.

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Children who love to create stories can spend hours creating their own work of art using the Story Lab App. They can draw the scenes they like and share them with their friends. They can also submit their works to the Story Lab community. Each drawing that is created earns the user a star. When a child’s star rating is high enough, they win a prize. Prizes range from t-shirts, collector’s sets, iPod’s, and much more.


The Story Lab App is a great app for a child who enjoys reading. The process is easy: the child simply turns the page as he drags the mouse across the screen. He can also speak to different characters that appear on the pages he has turned. The Story Lab interface is user friendly, and there are only a few buttons to press. The most exciting thing about the Story Lab App is that it helps a child to practice his English as he uses the app. He can learn how to spell words, and he can also speak more fluent sentences after he has practiced using the Story Lab App.