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The Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game is the latest entry in the exciting and addictive Mystery genres. It promises to be a real time exciting and gripping game with excellent storyline, excellent artwork, excellent sound effects and a number of exciting features. This game is compatible for the famous Facebook application. Here, you can challenge other players online and see who has the most impressive story and graphics. These games are more interesting as they are based on supernatural concepts.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The story of the game is set in Chicago, Illinois in the year 2021. You can find a number of corporate companies that have laid down stakes in the region and is facing inevitable decline. One of these corporations is Global Resorts Corporation, which is run by a famous investor, Dean Wormer. He has also recruited a number of psychics and some other special people for the company. When the crisis hits, the human mind is divided in half by an unidentified assailant and thus half the population becomes the prey of this attack.


To make up for this act, the remaining population is forced to play Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game to a draw to earn lives and save their loved ones. As you play through the game, you learn about the different levels and different gimmicks that the game provides. Moreover, you also get introduced to the different weapons and items that you can use to help you win over the levels. The story line revolves around a series of unfortunate events and you get introduced to the suspects who are blamed for these unfortunate events.


In order to win the game, you need to kill all the suspects and clear all the levels. However, there are certain points that need to be completed in each level. The first level is the hardest one, as there are more powerful beings and traps present in it. You have to complete all the levels in order to move on to the next level. There are different gimmicks and skills that help you in playing the game smoothly.

Effects & Sounds

This is a first person shooter video game that features a strong storyline and great graphics. It is free and has a user friendly interface. You can play Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game in single player mode or in co-op mode where two players are pitted against each other to finish each level. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the suspects. Apart from the single and co-op modes, you can also opt for the adventure mode that presents a different story and different challenges.


When you start playing the Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game you are taken into a new world and told to kill all the suspects. Each level has different objectives and it is up to you to choose the right path for your character. You will be aided by angel statues and also come across difficult levels. You should use the various items available to your advantage to kill everyone. There are also numerous levels wherein you have to save the city by yourself. You have to use a variety of tools such as water, energy potions, etc to save the people and protect the city.


When you are playing Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game you have to use the investigative skill to uncover clues that will progress the plot of the game. You can use the investigation panel to find relevant clues in the current level and then place these clues in the panel. The investigation panel features icons that present a brief description of each icon and you can follow the links to get to the content. There are also a few other useful features that let you know where to collect the next clue.

Experience After Reviw

Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game presents an excellent storyline packed with action and adventure. You need to select the characters you like to develop your Supernatural City Mystery Match 3 Game and start playing. You will definitely have a lot of fun while playing this game. The player’s control on the game is largely inspired from the pen and paper versions of detective stories. You have to make the deductions while dealing with the suspects and solve the crime using the resources at your disposal.


This new puzzle game, match 3, is from the makers of Angry Birds

Ellie Delmar explores New Gateway, a bustling and grand city. She searches for her father and discovers that she has a growing ability to see, hear and sense ghosts. Ellie assists both the living as well as the dead by putting together their stories one at a time in the great city.

Take action by combining clues and following your instincts. Find out the truth about the city where paranormal is the new normal.


Supernatural City offers:

* INVESTIGATE paranormal phenomena across a vast city

* EXPLORE stunning locations packed full of detail to uncover hidden clues

* MEET colorful allies and friends to help you succeed in big cities

* Test your abilities in solving supernatural match 3 puzzles. To clear the puzzle, match three items. Find hidden objects to advance the story.

* ENJOY adaptive music that responds to twists in the entertaining storylines

You are invited to discover the supernatural passions, empathetic ghost tales and challenging match-3 puzzles. Is it possible to discover the true meaning of Supernatural City’s greatest treasure?


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