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Download Tap Scanner MOD Apk (MOD, Unlocked/All) Free Download For Android

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If you love to scan and edit documents, then the new version of Tap Scanner App will please you. With the latest version, it allows you to export your scanned files directly from your device or computer. In this article, I’ll share with you information on the different features of the application and where you can find it.

Tap Scanner App Story

Tap Scanner App is a free portable Document scanner which is great for taking notes. You can even add text to documents with the help of some advanced tools provided in the app such as drawing tools and image selection. This step shows you how you can export your scanned documents to the cloud.


Tap Scanner App provides an easy and enjoyable way to search, preview and edit scanned documents on your Android device. You can also add a new document or image while scanning it using any of the various tools available. You can even change the background of the image while scanning using one of the several different themes available. This step shows you how to import images from your device to your preferred cloud storage. Your scanned images will be saved in the folder that you have chosen.


To start this step, you need to import the scanning device. Open the tap scanner app and click the first icon that is ‘scan’. Once you have started scanning your documents, you can choose ‘add scanned documents’ and then type the name of the document you want to have scanned. This will allow you to add your scanned documents to your preferred cloud storage.


The next step is to scan a document by clicking the ‘scan’ button. You will see two options on the screen – a regular view and a landscape view. If you want to have both the regular and landscape views of your scanned documents, just touch the appropriate icon. After you have done so, you can touch the ‘save tab’ icon to store the document in your chosen folder. Now you are all set to scan a document whenever you want to.


As a customer, you will also get to enjoy several other benefits as a Tap Scanner Premium member. You will get an email notification every time there is a new update on your favorite service. You will get to see full scanned images for all your documents. You will also get to enjoy automatic updates as soon as there is an improvement in your android phone’s security level.


Tap Scanner App does not limit the number of documents that you can scan and share with others. It actually allows you to scan and share unlimited documents. Since you are getting a high resolution image quality of the scanned image, you will get better image clarity. You can get the best image quality if you download this amazing android app. The images are available in different resolution levels so you are sure that you will get the best result. So, you do not need to settle for low-resolution images when you are scanning documents using your android phone.


Tap Scanner App does all these and much more. Not only it is able to scan a document, but it can also convert it into PDF format and perform an online backup of the document in any of the popular cloud services. Tap Scanner App comes with various features and unlimited usage. It simplifies document scanning, convert PDF format to TIFF format and also upload to your selected cloud service. This amazing app lets you quickly and easily share your scanned documents with others for signing with an electronic signature.


Tap Scanner App is a free, easy-to-use camera document scanning app with great quality PDF output. You can also scan your email and text documents for proofreading before printing. Tap Scanner App comes with five easy-to-use filters so that you can get the perfect photo or image of any area in your documents. Tap Scanner App scans documents from all types of media including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. With the advanced version you can even scan your webcam videos!

Download Tap Scanner MOD APK Unlocked All 2.5.76

Tap Scanner App comes with an easy to use interface that lets you adjust its document scanner options according to your document size. When you just need to scan one page at a time, you can easily scan one sheet of A4 sized paper at a time. You can also change the width and height of your scanned document by using the provided widgets. You can also choose an unlimited number of folders to scan.


The most important feature of this document scanning app is its retina display technology. This allows you to read most of the text and images on your PDF files even when the device’s resolution is below 300 pixels. The app gives you a choice of choosing between a landscape orientation or portrait orientation. This makes it easy for you to pick the best view to optimize your workflow.


Tap Scanner App offers two ways to purchase your license. You can either get it as a desktop application or download it as a portable application. The desktop version has an average size of 9 MB and has an integrated scanner. The free version has an average size of less than half a MB and does not have an integrated scanner. If you go for the portable version, it will work on any device with a screen that is above 300 pixels in resolution.


Documents that you want to scan can be transferred to your computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable. You can also use the tap’s Wi-Fi Direct feature to transfer your documents directly from your phone or tablet to the computer. Documents that you can scan into your Google Drive account are automatically sent to your mobile device. This is one of the most convenient features of this document scanning app. You can schedule scans to occur whenever you feel it is convenient for you.

Experience After Tap Scanner Appplay

To get started, all you have to do is download the document scanner app from the Google Play Store. After installation, you should see your very own icon on your Android device. You should also see a notification in the overflow menu that lets you know that the app is ready to scan your documents. Now, all that is left is to select a template that you want the scanner app to use. After you do that, you can start scanning your PDF files.


You can use this great document scanning app for business purposes as well as for personal uses. For business purposes, you can integrate the PDF converter with your mobile device management system so that you can scan documents from any source and convert them into plain text. You can then share your findings with your peers or bosses through your social networking or email accounts. You can also scan important documents and store them in your Google Drive storage so that you don’t have to keep retyping the same information over again.


If you want to be able to find and open PDF documents even when travelling, then you need to invest in a good PDF scanner app. There are many PDF devices available on the market today including the iPhone and iPad. These devices support high-quality scanning and are very affordable. In fact, most of them are offered at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you want to make a PDF viewing and scanning easy on your smartphone, then it makes a lot of sense to buy a tap scanner premium app now.