Tinker Island Apk (MOD, Free Shopping)


Tinker Island Apk (MOD, Free Shopping) - guys here you can download official apk which is taken from google play store it is 100% and Tinker Island Apk now and enjoys.
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JAN 25, 2021
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Tinker Island Apk (MOD, Free Shopping) – guys here you can download official apk which is taken from google play store it is 100% and Tinker Island Apk now and enjoys.

 Here you got its working hurry up guys.


Tinker Island

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Tinker Island is the best free MMORPG for those who love adventure and who like to explore. In this game players have to sail on an island and save the island’s two princesses who were kidnapped by pirates. The story is very captivating and the graphics are excellent and add to the overall experience. You can buy the game on iTunes or Google Play. Here we look at the best features of the upcoming updates of the game.

Tinker Island game


The best Tinker Island game has to be the story. A new pirate captain and his partner have taken over the island and are kidnapping the two princesses. You help them get out of the island and return to the mainland and save the girls. It’s a simple but exciting game with enough action to keep the player busy.


The island is very well decorated with shops, inns, lounges, banks and monasteries. There are plenty of items in the free downloadable version that can also be bought on iTunes and Google Play. Items include the enchanted ruby, amulet of time and shade, staff of time, staff of shadow and the master wand. The enchanting ruby can be used to purchase any of the above mentioned items and the shade can be used to transform the player into a fairy.

Tinker Island apk download latest version 2021

Another exciting aspect of the game is the island map and the island’s features. You will find a couple of islands on the map that are accessible only for a limited period of time. Each island features three difficulty levels and three treasures to collect. You have to gather enough survivors to repair your shelter and to level up before you can access the other islands.


The Tinker Island game app allows you to save your progress every time you play. If you want to undo some changes, you just need to restart the game. It has an in-game calendar and a map so you can mark your progress. If you are playing alone, there are several helpful features to help you survive. Some of them include a shelter location, recipe book, fishing pole and rescue ship that can be used to repair your shelter and to find new supplies.

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As the survivor, you will have to explore the island to find your missing friends. The Tinker Island game features a wide range of survivors to choose from. The game is balanced so that each character has an equal chance of survival. There are eight levels to complete and each level features new challenges as you explore the island.


The island offers free updates for the players. It does not require a purchase to play the game but it might contain ads. You should always pay attention to the information on the website because there are also free gifts for some of the survivors if you purchase the in-app purchase. The in-game events and upgrades are also free of charge. The Tinker Island game app supports universal Windows applications, so there are no compatibility issues with other systems.

New Update 2021

The survivor’s home is located on the island and there are several ways to reach it. You can climb the highest points or use the flying car to travel around the island. You can forage for food and other items and sell these to other survivors or use them to build up your shelter. When the shelter is fully constructed, you can then explore the surroundings and find shelter to stay during bad weather. Tinker Island has a variety of activities to keep you busy during your free time. Foraging for food, building shelter and improving your skills will make for interesting gaming.