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Download Township MOD Apk (MOD, Unlimited Money) Free Download For Android under here you easily play this game and use unlimited coins, upgrade till MAX. This is awesome for new guys here you can download the official apk it is 100% safe, and this ) Download Township Apk is amazing now enjoy. Here you got its working hurry up guys.


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Welcome to Township Game on Google play that simulates real-life city-building, planting and time management! Explore a fully engaging world in which you become the mayor of a thriving metropolis, improving the lifestyle of your citizenry and creating a profitable economy for you and your fellow businessmen! The Township Game app is fully interactive, featuring an interactive interface and user-friendly controls, allowing you to build your town, run it smoothly and earn money! The game tasks you with filling your city with all kinds of buildings and resources which will in turn transform your township into a thriving metropolis, providing everything from retail outlets to luxury shopping centers, hospitals and schools, as well as the latest technology and sports stars.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Township Game is available for free on Google Play, the best application store for both games and apps. The game requires you to use your smartphone via a connection to the internet to play. You can download the app to your phone to use on any Android device that is connected to the internet. However, users of some smartphones may find the web links to the app difficult to find and may experience some problems. If you have tried to access the app using a smartphone that is not connected to the internet, then this article may help you solve the problem. To make sure that you will not encounter further problems, follow the instructions below in order to download and enjoy the most excellent city-building and farming simulation game on Google Play.


First of all, download the Google Play app from the Google Play Store. Search for “Township Game” and choose the correct option. Click “I Accept” and follow the instructions provided. Once done, you will be taken to the download section where you can select the desired version of the game that you want to install. Choose the correct one and you will be prompted to enter your username and password on a secured website.


Visit the official Facebook page of Township Game in order to register for the open beta version of the game. Once you are done with the registration, you will be taken to the sign-up page. Type in your correct email address and you will be asked to verify your phone number through a verification code sent to your phone. You will also be required to choose your primary mobile phone in order to receive the summon. After all of these, you will be taken back to the gameplay screen.

Effects & Sounds

Tap on the Download button to begin downloading the game. There will be a short pop up message. Click on it to continue. When done, you will be taken to a page that asks you to confirm your identity. Click on the accept button in order to complete the registration.


Once done with the registration, tap on the Download button once again. This time, a new window will appear. You will see a green check box indicating the location of your device on the map. Tap on the + sign to add your Google account. When you have completed it, the gameplay of the entire town of Township Game will start.


When the gameplay begins, you will be led to a place called the Farm Town. This is where you can farm all kinds of crops and earn money. There are two paths for you to choose from, which will be labeled green and red. The longer path is recommended for you to complete more tasks fast and the short one for those who do not want to take too much time.

Experience After Reviw

When you reach the end of the farm town, you will be tasked with another task. To finish it, you will be asked to use a Moover. This will allow you to clear all the water in your lawn and the forest around you. There are also some items that are only available during certain times of the year. To access them, you will have to download the mod on your Google Android device and then clear the content after obtaining it.


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Township Game is one of the most successful online PC games today! It is a fresh take on the classic city building and farming simulation games. You can start your journey today by downloading it from our site. You can also buy it through PayPal, if you don’t have one yet.


Township Game is a free, casual farming and urban construction game released and developed by Playrix. The game’s objective is to build a prosperous city by making available various resources, building up farms, harvesting crops, and making other products using various work techniques such as manual labor, combining materials, etc. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter several challenges that will force you to think creatively as well as strategically in planning the overall progress of your city. The game provides detailed textual information about the historical backgrounds of the game and some of the places and landmarks featured in the interface. To facilitate a better experience for the players, the interface includes an in-depth guide with complete lists of all the achievements, cash awards, level up rewards, inventory items, recipes, etc.

Fully unlocked

In order to build the flourishing town of Township Game, players are required to make use of numerous tools and resources such as building bricks, planting seeds, hiring workers to plant crops and trees, plowing, harvesting, mining for additional resources, and so on. The player earns money as they earn points by plowing, harvesting, mining, and other means through engaging in these activities. Points can be collected by plowing, harvesting, and other activities as long as they are active. Players can earn extra income by signing up for additional services such as advertising, signing up for the mailing list, and the like.


To progress through the game, players should properly research on each aspect of the game as explained in the manual. Plowing and harvesting should be done in the proper seasons; otherwise, the crops will not grow properly. Buildings must be repaired regularly or else they will not have a value. The player should also buy the right amount of food and cash at the right time in order to sustain the entire town’s needs. Farms provide additional income for the town through the sale of produce. Other important aspects include:


Players may collect the coins by participating in battles and making use of the “Buy Coins” option in the “My Town” interface. Buying a lot of wheat, oats, and berries is also a good choice as it provides more benefits than collecting mere coins. Another way to earn coins is through donating them to the museum where they can be spent for a wide array of services including restoring damaged buildings or features, purchasing new ones, or advertising to generate more visitors to your town. Those who have a Facebook account can add their friends to their township so that they can earn coins as well. In addition, those who own a smartphone can send invites to their friends and request that they add them to their Facebook or Township Game Network profile.


To participate in the game, players can build bridges, roads, buildings, or whatever is required to supply every resident with basic needs. When these necessities are ready, the player can then send out workers called plowagers to perform plowing jobs, planting trees to create crops, and harvesting fruits and vegetables to feed the population. Meanwhile, factories can be built to create milk, meat, or eggs. The longer these people work, the more money they will make, which allows players to accumulate coins faster.


Aside from plowing and planting, players can also hire lumberjacks to transport their crops to market and buy new buildings and structures. Likewise, players can purchase ore and sell it for profit in the market. When the demand for these products is high, it will cause prices to soar making it harder for players to buy supplies. Players must learn to balance how much they spend in building up their town’s infrastructure while providing food and shelter to their citizens.


In addition to collecting coins, players can trade supplies with other players via a marketplace in the game interface. This marketplace allows players to buy and sell items they do not have or need in order to obtain more of what they need. Township Game on Facebook is free to play. Visit the official website for more details on the official town of Township Game on Facebook.

Download Township (MOD, Unlimited Money) 8.5.2 Free For Android