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Download True Skate MOD APK Free Download For Android

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Have you ever played a Skateboarding video game that lets you experience the thrill of a true Skate Gameplay? If not then you are missing out on a lot. We are living in an era where Skating is absolutely everywhere. It is even becoming a Fashion Trend. No matter what city you go to, if you are “cool” enough, there will be someone out that wants to “skate”. But what fun is that when you are stuck on your butt trying to catch your tail or doing a crazy wheelie kick turn?

Graphics and Visual Quality

In this new “True Skate Game”, you can fully experience the thrill of skateboarding without ever leaving the comfort of your home! This is a video game that is more like a true skateboarding video game. There are some really great features that make this game a lot of fun. I will go over these features so you can experience the joy of playing True Skate Game.


One great feature of True Skate Game is the True Skate replay viewer. True Skate is a very competitive skating game with several customization options that let you create your own character and compete against the computer. You can change various things including clothing, shoes, wheels, and even skateboards. The replay viewer allows you to have the ability to play the game over again, which means you can experience the thrill of skating your hardest to win.


The other feature that really adds realism to True Skate Game is the reality music and sounds. The computer generated music and sounds really immerse you into the True Skate Game. If you have ever experienced true skateboarding in real life, then you will understand what I am talking about. Real life skating can be hard to get used to. Especially when you are on a computer screen!

Effects & Sounds

True Skate Game has a very cool mohawk! It unlocks many content and features that you won’t see in any other similar skateboarding applications. For example, you can change your colors and change your graphics style. There are even achievements and leaderboards for you to challenge yourself on. The modapk also allows you to connect with other users to play True Skate Game right from your phones.


You can download True Skate Game right now for free! You can even download the True Skate modded skateparks right now. All you need to do is to search for it on Google or any other search engine. If you don’t know how to use Google or if you don’t like searches, you can use the “source” link below this article to download the modded version of True Skate Game.


Skateboarding has been one of the most exciting activities enjoyed by both kids and adults. However, being a good skater requires a lot of practice. True Skate Game makes skating a lot easier and more exciting. True Skate Game is a mod for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download it for free. You can also try other popular apps like My Tracks HD and Pro Moves HD on your iPhone and iPad.

Experience After Review

If you are looking for a good skateboarding game for your android phone, you should try True Skate Game. It has been featured on the TV shows of several famous celebrities as well as featured on several of the best-selling apps in the iTunes store. This means that you can be a real skateboarder just by downloading this mod for your iPhone or any other touch screen mobile device. It’s true that you can make better scores and build up your virtual skateboard by being a better lover of the sport.


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Created by True Axis, the True Skate app is extremely popular amongst all age brackets which is further backed by solid empirical evidence such as the fact that it’s has already garnered an overall rating of 4.4 from a maximum of five. It’s also the most downloaded skateboarding app in Apple’s app store which further emphasizes its widespread popularity. True Skate iPhone App and True Skate Game were among the first iPhone apps to be introduced by the highly innovative Apple. The innovation and the captivating graphics have made it all the more popular. So, if you’ve always longed to become one of those cool and stylish skaters, then True Skate iPhone App is exactly what you should be using.


With the True Skate Game, you can shred all types of obstacles and those too large. You can skate over bumps and grind on rails. You can perform aerial tricks on top of skyscrapers and go down inclines with ease. In other words, True Skate Game gives you endless amounts of options that define its Unlimited Skate mode which gives players limitless options to play the game. True Skate Game also comes with the famous obstacles and those too large for your iPhone so you won’t get stuck while playing the iPhone version of True Skate Game.

Fully unlocked

To make way for further development, the True Skate Game developers have modified the True Skate Game and made available for free download the True Skate Game mod version 1.5. With this mod, users get to experience a completely new game-play wherein they get to choose their own obstacles and game modes from among a list of obstacles created by Think KP. The free download gives users the chance to try out the modified version first-hand. By downloading the mod version, you will be able to have the same exciting gaming experience of playing in the original True Skate Game.


Although the mod version does not have a lot of unique content, it still has a number of features which are similar to those of the original, true skateboarding game. When you tap on the screen, you will be prompted with an overlay of the landscape you were in just before you started to take action. You can customize your character with different clothing such as a pair of boots, a jacket, or a helmet. With these changes, you will feel like a real skater as you can perform incredible trick jumps and tricks. Skating has now been made even easier with this amazing app.


The installation of the mod version is pretty simple, as you just need to connect your google Android phone via USB cable. Once you have connected your device to your computer, install the True Skate Game on your PC by copying all files needed from your android phone over to your computer. Once you have installed the true skate game on your PC, transfer all the files you have downloaded from your android phone into the folder “iblesp. folder” on your computer.


Open the eSPilot folder that resides on your desktop. You will see a folder that is labelled as “iblesp. folder”. Inside this folder, you will see a folder called “apsk. “, open this folder and you will see the True Skate Game application.


To continue with the installation process, just click on the “Play” button on the True Skate Game window. You will then be prompted to install the True Skate Game for Facebook. When prompted, fill in all necessary details about the Skate Park you would like to enter, such as the difficulty level, time allowed, level type, and so forth. Click “Submit” when all the required details are all updated, and you will now be ready to enter the popular skate park for endless hours of true skate action.


The True Skate Game is a very simple and easy to use program that will allow you to engage in endless hours of real time skateboarding action from the privacy and comfort of your own home computer. What’s even better, this particular program offers a wide range of exciting features that will make it so that you can have even more fun with your true skating skills! If you want to hone your skill to the next level, then take a look at this true skateboarding sensation! Get online and get started today!

Download True Skate MOD v1.5.42 For Android