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Dare or Truth is a multi-player trivia game, based on the well-known book and film, The Cherry Game (either version). The main character is the heroine who must answer question after question in order to advance to the next level. Truth or Dare App, however, offers new gameplay opportunities: you can now experience the adventure after truth. In addition to that, you can now increase your skills and achievements.

Truth or Dare App Story

Truth or Dare App is very addictive: players find it hard to stop playing. Although the graphics are not as good as they could have been, this is not a problem for a casual player. Moreover, you can see many of your friends playing the game – a great advantage if you want to play with them! The story is based on a real life incident: two teenaged brothers accidentally destroyed their high-tech voice recorder, forcing their friend, their teacher and his wife to record their dialogue for a court case.


As a result of this occurrence, they were sentenced to death by the president. Fortunately, they were saved by a new invention: the “Dare” device, which had all the characteristics of a mobile phone, but allowed them to use it wherever they were. This discovery ultimately led to the creation of Truth or Dare App. The app allows the players to experience the events as though they are taking part in the story themselves, except that there is a very big difference: here they have to solve problems instead of chatting and receiving compliments.


Truth or Dare App has a few features that differentiate it from its competitors. One of those is its extremely interesting settings: it combines real adventure with virtual reality. Each level is filled with a number of puzzles and challenges, as well as facts and secrets. Furthermore, you will get to experience the story behind each scene, such as who started the story, why they solved the problem in the way they did and what the best plan was in the first place. Each time you finish a level, you will receive a star that corresponds to the difficulty of the scene.


In order to solve the scenes you will have to tap on the screen in order to do so. You can switch between zoomed-in view and a 3D view using the touch screen. In order to solve more difficult puzzles, you will need to use the mouse or tap on the screen. However, since the game is using a lot of imagination, you are not forced to follow the rules and go as fast as you want. Moreover, the game is entirely free, so you do not have to spend any money to enjoy it fully.


The interface of Truth or Dare App is very clean and simple, with minimalism. The user interface makes it very easy to understand, even for a person who has never played an adventure game before. The main menu consists of buttons that switch between several views (zoom, 3D, line, etc. ), which makes it very easy to switch between different features of the app.


Truth or Dare App offers many levels, ranging from easy to moderately hard. For every level, there is a short story that you can unlock after you complete it. The stories are written in a style that resembles a puzzle book. In addition, you also have the option to choose your partner, who is played by the mysterious ‘Dare’ who stands beside you in the story of the ‘adventures’ you are travelling through.

Truth or Dare App Graphics and Visual Quality

Truth or Dare App is an innovative game that is perfect for those people who love excitement and who like to take risks! This app is recommended for those people who prefer reading novels instead playing computer games. Truth or Dare is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, so check it out now!


If truth is your thing, Truth or Dare is definitely for you! With this new app, rest assured: your team’s secrets are going to be revealed, and the daunts will finally see off their ego for good. To cap it all up, this amazing game is just the ultimate Truth or Dare that you can play on a mobile phone. To obtain that ultimate app effect, the key is to take enough time to find the five individual game modes, each designed to provide a different level of difficulty and a special theme to your evening.



You’ll need to create an account with this exciting truth or dare app to unlock its full potential. When you’re already registered, you will be able to start the game. The exciting part here is that you’ll be asked to make decisions (Dares) while being asked a lot of questions (Answers). You will then be called upon to reveal your secret identity. For some, revealing the true self can be risky – after all, not everyone on this planet is who they claim to be! But if you really want to have fun, then by all means; reveal your secret identity.


Truth or Dare offers two types of games: the Story mode, which are available in single player, and the Endless mode, which you play against the clock. In the story mode, you are to find clues within the stage itself, which will ultimately help you to uncover the mystery of your classmates’ dirty secrets. Of course, you won’t be able to solve the case alone; you will need help from other students as well! That’s where the endless mode comes in.

Experience After Truth or Dare Appplay

Truth or Dare games include a list of popular characters such as “The Graduate” and “Sideways” among others. There are a total of forty-six dares in the app. Some of these, such as the potato scene and the peeing tree, have been featured in the Academy Award nominated Best Music Series. In fact, the truth about the incidents is what draws a lot of young people to the Truth or Dare game.


If you have been looking for new and exciting games to play, Truth or Dare is one of the best choices you could make. There’s just something about this type of game that gets girls into the right frame of mind. Most importantly, though, is that you don’t actually have to play truth or dare in order to enjoy the app. Instead, the more you explore its fun features, you will discover that it also serves as an excellent therapy session for young girls. As they play, they can learn new languages, become more assertive, and even learn to have greater control over their emotions.


Truth or Dare App is currently available for free on the iTunes store. It is not, however, a free download! To enjoy the full features of the app, including the forty-six dares, you will need to purchase the full version to download the content. On the other hand, if you do decide to download the free version, you will get more for your money than you would with a simple search for the dare game on Google, Yahoo, or Msn.

Download Truth or Dare MOD APK Full Pack 16.0.0

Truth or Dare App is a simple enough game that any girl will enjoy. With its cute cartoon-styled interface, it’s easy to use and play. The interface is so easy to navigate, you’ll probably end up having fun while learning instead of trying to figure out how to perform your dare. Truth or Dare is great for hosting house parties, especially for girls who are planning on doing a little bit of naughty fun on the big night. They can pretend to be strippers, house cleaners, or teenage moms – the possibilities are endless.


Truth or Dare App doesn’t cost much money to download. Considering that most of the dares are for free, you may want to consider downloading the free version first to see how the game works and if it interests you. After all, you don’t want to spend money just to experience a boring game. But if you do like the full version, you can always upgrade to buy the iPhone version of Truth or Dare App at a later date. If you like the iPhone version of Truth or Dare App, you should definitely look into purchasing the full version to increase your chances of actually getting a chance to play the adult game.