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U-Dictionary App is not just another flash-based or non-interactive online dictionary app. It is a free dictionary app which offers a huge range of features including word by word translation, audio pronunciations and usage suggestions, definitions, synonyms, antonyms and metaphors. It also allows you to translate any text in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages. In fact, it translates all foreign language text including Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many others. The best part about this exciting new free app is that it offers the ability to fully-lock the power of your language dictionary.

Graphics and Visual Quality

U-Dictionary App is not like most apps. In fact, it is very different from most apps. It has the ability to fully-lock the power of the dictionary through the power of context. Context is an advanced feature that allows users to completely control what is shown on the screen. By using this feature, users can make changes to words, phrases, sentences and even pictures. There are no icons meant for things like translators, synonyms, or dictionary apps.


Most people may not know that the reason why Google launched U-Dictionary App is because they want to give their users across the world the ability to fully control the way they use their dictionaries. This is also the reason why they released a brand new update for the Google dictionary app called Wordtracker. Wordtracker 3.5 gives all its users across the globe access to the entire Wordtracker database, as well as the ability to make full use of its extensive research tools.


Aside from offering Wordtracker’s expansive database, Wordtracker now has its own customized dictionary. The Wordnet application is available in offline dictionary form only and users are required to download the offline dictionary from the Internet. This has really been a great option especially for those who are not comfortable using the Google translate app. The offline dictionary provided by Wordtracker is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and advanced dictionary available in the market today.

Effects & Sounds

U-Dictionary has two versions to cater its customers. The free U-Diction App has several translation tools while the premium U-Diction App has a much larger selection of language translation apps. Although there are quite a number of offline dictionary applications to choose from, it is still considered to be the best choice of people who are looking for the best translator app that offers the most extensive database in English.


The free version of U-Dictionary App does have its fair share of flaws. The main flaw is its lack of offline mode. It is a good idea to check out the internet for any possible reviews on the U-Diction App and other similar apps before downloading the free version to test it out. There are quite a number of people who have expressed their doubts about the U-Diction App claiming that the app offers inaccurate translations and does not have any of the advanced tools that you would require to understand the meaning of the English words. Well, whatever may be your reason for disliking the free version of U-Diction, the truth is that the paid version is simply a replica of the free version with the only difference being the paid version has a lot more advanced tools and language definitions clearly indicated in the dictionary.


The second biggest problem with U-Diction App is that it offers to translate every kind of text including legal texts, web pages, product descriptions, articles and emails. If you want to translate entire books or volumes on grammar, you would have to get the entire book and not just a single chapter or part. And if you need to translate short sentences or parts of a blog post, you would need to get the translation part of the blog post and not just the whole post. With such massive amounts of information to be translated, U-Diction could hardly be called a useful app.

Experience After Reviw

There are better English dictionary apps available that are much better in terms of features, functions, ease of use and ability to translate different kinds of text from different languages. However, U-Diction just seems like another poorly designed app by a developer who clearly does not have the knowledge or expertise in creating an effective English language application. This could be a testament to the fact that most developers of language applications lack the imagination of thinking of new ways to make their applications more useful and appealing to potential customers.


U-Dictionary App is one of the most exciting apps today that helps a person to quickly learn new words, phrases and even words. The innovative Quick Translate feature lets you easily translate a text from any source like Internet, magazines or books in just a few seconds. This way you can say it in your native language instead of translating it from English. With the help of this app you don’t have to go through the trouble of learning another foreign language just to translate a text. You can simply apply your mind and let your fingers do all the work.


You can never have enough translators and there are times when you wish you can learn some languages but cannot afford to. This U-Dictionary App will help you with your language learning activities and also save you from the time and money spent on expensive courses. You can get access to thousands of free flash cards every week which can be used as learning materials by replacing the cards with the ones in this app. You can use it to practice your new words or phrases anytime you want without taking out your iPhone. It is a great way of staying up-to-date with the language you are learning.


Since these are translated by machines, the translations are accurate and precise. There are various languages available in this app including French, German, Korean, Portuguese and many more. If you are looking for the best app for learning English, this U-Dictionary App is the right choice.

Fully unlocked

107 In this app you can translate your text based on its word definitions. If you are learning Spanish, you can translate Spanish words or phrases as they appear in real life. The database has been updated regularly so you can depend on its accuracy and relevancy. With offline translation, you can translate any English text into Spanish, Korean, Chinese or Japanese effortlessly using this app without having to learn any new languages.


In addition, this U-Dictionary App provides the best option to choose the translation you want from a wide selection of options. The categories include animals, cars, foods, beauty, books, business, climate, cars, gifts, food, weather, gender, holidays, history, keywords, medical, military, weather, news, sports, religious, sex, laws, vegetables, foods, education, immigration, international, movies, music, Funny, Foosball, gender, love, national, religious tolerance, special events, foods from all over the world, transportation, places, political, religious holidays, sports events, words and passwords. There is an option to upgrade your subscription once you have made a purchase.


This U-Dictionary App is very easy to use. You can even translate your e-mails, notes, letters and other regular documents for instant results with a few clicks of your mouse. The translation is accurate as long as you copy and paste the exact text. The best thing about this dictionary app is that it can be used even when you are not connected to the internet so that you can translate anything in front of you without opening the Internet browser. It is very similar to the optical character recognition (OCR) technology which is widely used in commercial camera translators.


If you are interested in learning more about U-Dictionary App and other english word translators, you can check out reviews at Google Android Market or visit blogs that review U- Dictionary app. There are also free versions available. These free versions have limited features and the language options are very limited. The paid version offers unlimited languages and has advanced features that enable you to translate large documents effortlessly. You can also sign up to receive notifications when new translations are available.


Tencent Asia has integrated the U-Dictionaries into their popular apus using an internet connection via either bluetooth or USB. The transition is smooth and instant as the U-Dictionary App can be selected from the downloaded list and you can start using it immediately. Tencent also has included a number of translation and dictionary tools like the flashcard and the phrase book in order to increase the speed and efficiency of your learning process. Translation tools offered by Tencent include French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, and many others.


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