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Vidmate Free for Android How to Install and Use VidMate App on Android? The best way to start your journey towards a better life with your mobile phone or tablet is by downloading this software from its official website. This software offers you the opportunity to use your smartphone or tablet computer to browse the web, watch videos and music, play games, send emails, connect with your friends and family. All these functions are available on your smartphone or tablet without any hardware requirements.

The Vidmate App is one of the latest innovative apps that are available on the Android platform. It is an all-in-one media player, video maker and social networking app which are similar to the popular Skype. It allows you to share your videos and photos with the world using your mobile phone. If you want to know more about the advantages of this amazing app then read further.

Vidmate App Story

To share your videos on the web via the internet you need to have a media player such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. However, if you are not able to use these players on your mobile device then you will be unable to share your videos through the web. Thus, you need to have a portable media player such as Vidmate App to share your videos on your mobile device. Vidmate App is the first media player that supports most of the video and picture formats such as mov, file, mp4, wmv, etc on your mobile device.


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This is the best video/audio player that can easily run on low resources and has a beautiful design. You can easily view your videos on your smartphone or tablet by using any other device. There are many other video/audio apps available on the Android Market but few of them can do multi-media files and convert/encode them to other file formats such as AVI, MPG etc on your mobile device. This is another advantage of using the Vidmate App because it supports all types of media files and you don’t need to use other apps for that. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase separate apps for conversion.


The app is extremely easy to install and run on your smartphone or tablet. It is very user friendly and can be used by anyone who has basic knowledge of android gadgets. These apps are available on the Android Market and there are various other app stores where you can go ahead and download multiple Vidmate App at an extremely low price. You can get the Vidmate App at a discounted price from various online retail stores.


These videos compression options ensure excellent streaming and playback speed. These compression options ensure excellent streaming and playback speed. Vidmate also provides two different methods to compress your videos. These methods are referred as High and Low quality compression.


This is another reason why Vidmate App is so popular among mobile users. It enables you to stream videos from the internet on your mobile devices. Many of you must have tried to stream various media platforms on your mobile but failed to stream videos on your mobile devices. The streaming speeds got affected due to poor internet connection. But now you don’t need to worry any more, just download the Vidmate App to experience fantastic streaming videos on your mobile devices.


To download the latest version of Vidmate App, just go to the Google Play Store and search for “Vidmate App”. Once you are on the page of Vidmate App, you will get options to download it for free. If you wish to buy the app, you may also choose one of the payment options provided on the Vidmate App home page. You will get the option to pay using your Credit Card or PayPal account once you enter your credit card or PayPal account information.


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Another advantage of using this app is that it is also a TV Show lover’s dream. You can load the list of your favourite shows in the list library and start watching them one by one. The list library will help you to stream your favourite shows without any interruptions. The only thing you need to take care of is to stay updated with the latest versions of the websites where you intend to stream the videos. Keeping yourself updated with the websites that stream your Vidmate App will help you enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows without any hassles.

VidMate App provides excellent and efficient video and music player for android devices. There are several features in VidMate App, which can be enjoyed by your users. If you have come to this article, I am sure that you must be interested to know more about the features of VidMate App and the ways to enjoy them to the fullest. Read on to discover all such useful information about VidMate App.



VidMate is a simple, beautiful and easy to use media player which is available free of cost. To install VidMate apps on android devices, just minimum required at least 2.2 Jelly versions. But if you desire a better viewing experience for your apps, then you require at least 4.3 Jelly version operating devices for properly enjoying vidmate player. Following few lines will explain how to enjoy these wonderful apps on your android device.


You can simply drag and drop the icons of the video player into the main menu of VidMate and start enjoying your videos. The icons of the video player will appear in green, blue, and red colors. These colors denote the type of the video you wish to watch or the channel you wish to watch the video on. By tapping on any of the icons, you will open a new window of VidMate and you will be able to view the channel of your choice.


There are certain steps which you should follow while installing the VidMate App. First of all, you need to download the free version of VidMate from the Google Play Store. After downloading the VidMate free version, you can go ahead with the installation process by copying all the files of the application onto your SD card or any other storage device. You can transfer all the files of the VidMate App to your phone by connecting the device to the computer via micro USB cable. Or else, you can connect the device to your laptop using the micro USB cable and then transfer the entire files to the desired destination for downloading of the VidMate videos.

Vidmate App Graphics and Visual Quality

After that, you can launch the VidMate Free App by clicking on the” VidMate” button present on the “Start” section of the VidMate main page. You will also find several icons present on the same page for enabling the features of the VidMate App such as, “Open”,” Controls”, and” Gallery”. Once you enable those features, you will see the VidMate icon on your desktop or the menu bar of your browser. From there, you can access the VidMate web-site through a simple URL, which is entered by clicking on “VidMate” text input box.


In order to get the maximum advantage from this amazing application, you need to know about some basic things such as, where can you find the Vidmate App? – It is available at the Google Play Store. Simply search the desired category or browse the entire list. If you would like to have the most beneficial features in your VidMate downloading experience, consider the ones provided in the “VidMate Advanced Technology” section of the VidMate website. This section provides high-definition video streaming features and advanced technologies that make for a perfect and reliable way of downloading videos to your mobile device.

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How do I install Vidmate? – The best way to install the Vidmate App is to use the “Add URL” function present in the “Settings” section of your Vid Mate website. You can select your favorite videos and add them to your list of favorite videos by simply typing their short URLs into the text input box of the “Add URL” function. If you would like to see the advanced technology that Vidmate has to offer, you can simply go to the “Vidmate Advanced Technology” section and you will be able to see the latest and modernized technology that you can use while uploading or downloading your favorite videos.


There are some other features that you can avail in order to fully enjoy the benefits of downloading videos to your Vidmate App. For example, there is a free version of Vidmate which allows you to upload five to seven of your favourite videos at a time. This is very useful especially if you’re uploading and downloading videos as a group. You can simply adjust the volume levels of your favourite videos and take down any that you do not want to view while using the internet.

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