War Robots (MOD, Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets)


War Robots (MOD, Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets)- guys here you can download official apk which is taken from google play store it is 100% and War Robots Apk now and enjoy.
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Feb 17, 2021
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War Robots (MOD, Inactive Bots/Unlimited Bullets)– guys here you can download official apk which is taken from google play store it is 100% and War Robots Apk now and enjoy.
 Here you got its working hurry up guys.


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War Robots Game is an online PC multiplayer browser game that is created and released by the Russian web game development company Pixonic. It’s a first-person shooter game with live PVP battles in multiplayer online battle arena mode. Players operate robotic battle-robots on a war-torn battlefield.



It also has two modes: Campaign and skirmish. In the Campaign mode, players build up their robot army with the help of a single resource and level up the units through missions and other tasks.


The game consists of different types of robots, like the light and heavy vehicles and robotic warriors. There are also various classes of robot available, like the tank, hovercraft, and walkers. Each of these classes has a unique set of abilities to help you achieve victory in the game.


You can choose to do different tasks in the skirmish mode. Some of them are to destroy enemy robots or defend your base from its attackers. Some of the tasks will also require you to upgrade your units or purchase new ones. Some missions will reward you with special weapons and upgrades to complete the objective successfully.

War Robots Game

As a player, you need to build up your military and have a high score for the game. The only thing that you need to worry about is to survive the game’s endless hours and days of play. It is not that easy, though. For this reason, there are strategies that you need to follow in order to survive and build up your empire.


When it comes to playing the War Robots Game, you need to make sure that you’re equipped with enough resources to survive the game. There are three different types of resources that can be obtained from the different maps in the game: energy, gas and credits. The more resources you have, the more powerful and stronger your units will be.


To buy more resources, you need to build more robots. The more robots you build, the more resources you’ll have to purchase more and better weapons and armor for them.

It’s always best to put up a strong line of defense to defend your base. so that you’ll have more time to build new robots and improve the defenses. Try to stay alive long enough in order to get more robots and build up your defense power.


Aside from building strong defenses and buying the right resources to build your robots and build up your army, there is also the option of using special abilities and weapons in order to enhance your robot’s defense power. These weapons range from melee attacks to shields that can block bullets or lasers. Most of the weapons are used for close range combat but some of them are even useful for long range combat. Some of them, though, are not suitable for battlefields, but rather they can be utilized inside your base or inside buildings that you need protection from fire.


In the game, you’ll be able to find different weapon categories and their specific use. The basic weapons are the ones that you use on your own in the skirmish mode. The other categories of weapons are for close combat or for long-range combat.

Some of the weapons are called melee weapons because they are used by punching or attacking the enemy and other kinds of ranged weapon categories. These include long-range weapon categories, such as rifles and pistols, which shoot bullets or lasers.


Some of the best items that can be found in the game are the bombs that are used to destroy enemies or to kill them. There are also armor-piercing weapons that are used to damage the enemies. There are also some armor-piercing bombs that can penetrate through the armor of the enemy and get inside the robot’s body.


Most of the time, you can find special abilities that you can use to either disable the enemy’s armor or to kill them. Some of them are also used to build more powerful robots and to create more powerful robotic units. You can also use special abilities and weapons to attack the enemy and give yourself the advantage.