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When Google’s acquisition WebToons in 2010, it marked a new beginning for the web-based cartoon. WebToons is well known for its unique cartoon based stories where the main characters are Korean cartoon characters. Since its introduction to the Appstore, WebToons has expanded its feature-set to include MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and now supports fully-loaded WEBTOON Appplay.


The very first app that we know of to be compatible with the WebToon Appplay technology is the WEBTOON App. WEBTOON App provides a social forum where webcomics authors and artists can communicate and share their latest works using various tools like chat and forums. The chat room is very powerful where comics creators can express themselves and their work through blogs, sketches, images, and other tools. In this way, they can update their readers and fans. The forum allows the users to interact directly with webcomics and artists. Here artists can make friends, discuss latest updates and issues, make requests, and collaborate with other webcomics.


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To give an even more intense experience to its users, WebToons has created an app of its own: Tappytoon. Unlike other webcomics apps, Tappytoon has a unique “tactical” game play. This feature of the webcomic allows the webtoons to make choices depending on what is happening around them. Tappytoon app uses “TACTICAL Gambling”, which means the webcomics creators need to predict what will happen next in real time.


Another feature of the WEBTOON App is the “chat’ feature. It is made available to the users in two modes; one is “traditional chat” in which the users can chat one-on-one with other users and post new messages, and the second is “interactive chat” in which a group of people can engage in a conversation without being physically present. While in traditional chat mode, the users can post a message and the other chat members can respond to it or reply back to the post as well. However in interactive chat mode, a “timer” appears at the top of the page, telling the user that one has just ten seconds to reply to the message, if they don’t, the timer will expire and the post will be lost.


Some of the best selling WEBTOON App are: Tappytoons Family Time, My WEB TOON War, and Tappytoons Cartoon Time. All of these are developed by WebToons Inc., a company located in New York City, United States. All of these are downloadable and can be used for free or for a fee. The Tappytoons Family Time app allows children to interact with each other and also uses flash technology to create stunning cartoon scenes. The My WEB TOON War game is developed in conjunction with the My WEB product line of games.


WebToons Incorporated develops several different kinds of webcomics, namely: flash webcomics, English-PG rated webcomics, comics specifically created for children, and comics with themes of animals. Each webcomic has a designated rating according to its subject, which may range from five to mature depending on how it contains sensitive issues, such as profanity, racism, and adult humor. The Tappyton series is among the most popular webcomics. The app on the WEBTOON App was developed by WebToons themselves, and the cartoon characters can be found in several different poses and settings. Various animal friends help the kids learn how to make friends with the animals, as well as learn how to draw the animals. In this way, the kids learn about how to express themselves through the app in a fun and entertaining way.


The new kid on the block Tappy is the follow-up to the wildly popular WebToons app. The Korean Web cartoon follows the adventures of Kim Tae Hee, who accidentally takes over the world through her magical power known as “The Tappy.” She also has magical powers that enable her to control time. This is where she meets the boy named Bae Doon Hye, who tries to stop her in every way he can. They team up and Tappy becomes the biggest hit in the industry.

WEBTOON App Graphics and Visual Quality

The WEBTOON App offers the same fantastic features of the traditional Web comic in a colorful online environment. The new kid on the block will surely find this app irresistible – the user postings can include any kind of digital content that is commonly used by readers of the webcomics. It is a very simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to use digital content from their favorite webcomic in a quick and effective way.


The application WEBTOON App has been introduced to the market by Appiction Inc., it allows its users to post digital content in social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It was launched initially as an App for Smartphone Users but later that year it was shifted to mobile web interface for which it was later named as WEBTOON App. The App is extremely similar to Facebook except that it allows the users to post their digital content in various social networking websites. This is not the first time that WEBTOON App has launched in the mobile world as it has been available to the users of the WEB and MICR applications only but recently the web interface was enhanced to support the mobile devices and later on it was even enhanced further to accommodate various other multimedia elements and tools. Some of the basic features of the WEBTOON App are as follows:

Experience After WEBTOON Appplay

This section gives a brief description about the WEBTOON App. In the App, the user can choose to upload the digital clip art or the digital photo and then choose to share the same with the people by displaying the link of the web page where the same can be uploaded. Moreover, the App lets the user share the page as per his or her choice and he or she can also make a derivative work from the same. Moreover, there is a search option in which the user can specify the keyword and then the search engine will provide the page containing the information in the selected field. In the derivative works section, one can include the URL of the web page containing the clip art or the photo.


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The second section is about the step to access certain content offered by the WEBTOON App. There is a link which allows the user to access certain content from the app while another link is provided for the users to access the content from the website and download it. It is as per the choice of the user.


The third and final part of the Terms and Conditions is all about the terms and conditions for digital content provider. There are two links available in the same, which allow the user to sign the agreement and submit the same. If there is no sign up button provided, the customer should click on the “I Accept” link to register for the application. One must fill up an electronic form and then submit the same. Once the application has been submitted, the customer can start downloading the video or digital content.

Fully-unlocked WEBTOON Appplay

In addition, there is a section which is about providing the customer care for the WEBTOON App. Here, the terms and conditions for the provision of services are mentioned briefly. It is mandatory for the user to fill in the email id and his or her phone number so that they can be contacted whenever there is any question in their mind regarding the service. In order to receive updates in relation to the latest WEBTOON App promotions, it is mandatory for users to subscribe to the RSS feed.


There is also a section on the terms and conditions for the downloading of the digital content on the WEBTOON App. There are certain restrictions that users have to follow. The first one is that they cannot exceed the bandwidth limit of the WEBTOON App and they cannot have downloaded any data from any other unauthorized sites. Apart from this, they cannot perform the action that they had previously performed on any other unauthorized site. In case they want to go to another website, they can perform that but they cannot bypass the safety measures of the WEBTOON App.


For any person who uses the WEBTOON App, even though the terms and conditions are mentioned as a reminder, they must fully read and understand it before they agree or make any kind of payment. The terms and conditions must be strictly complied with as they are written and if one fails to comply with it, they may be held liable to the company or entity. In the event that the user agrees to the terms and conditions, they must ensure that they have received, including but not limited to, the agreement mentioned on the WEBTOON App.


It is highly recommended that one goes through the terms and agreement before downloading any of the applications from the website, app, or through other means. This is because the application violates many laws as well as other intellectual property rights. When downloading software from the internet or from a P2P network, it is highly recommended that you go through the legal agreement very carefully. Furthermore, it is important that the downloading of software from the internet does not breach the right of fair use that the United States and other countries have in terms of protecting artistic works.