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Download World Cricket Championship 3 Latest version 2021

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World Cricket Championship (WCC) is a professional Cricket competition held annually from late 2021 to early 2021 in West Indies. The tournament was first held in West Indies but later got shifted to UK. This is one of the top cricket games on android and other mobiles that are used for communication purposes. Latest features and applications of World Cricket Championship 3 Game have been introduced so that people may enjoy the game and stay tuned with the latest cricket news.


World Cricket Championship (WCC) is an international 3D Cricket simulation mobile game released by Nextwave Multimedia for users in all parts of the world. The WCC was the very first game of this franchise that was launched in 2021. The latest versions WCC2, WCC3 and WCC Ultimate were later released under the WCC brand.


The game offers many exciting and enjoyable features that have helped the cricket world in a major way. One of these is the Wicket Tracker which helps the user to track the total number of wickets fallen on any particular wicket, the direction of the bowler in striking the ball and whether the batsman has successfully run from either side of the wicket and scored runs.


In addition to it there is also the Ball Tracking feature that can track the flight of the ball of a particular bowler and also how many times the ball has touched the walls or any part of the ground during the course of the match.


The other major features of World Cricket Championship include the stats of the match, the Standpoint stat, the Stand Point column that gives details about individual batsmen, bowlers and wicket keepers for a given match and the number of runs scored by each team in the entire match.

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The World Cricket Championship is played at venues across the globe. The venues vary between matches. For example, in the West Indies, the match is played at the St. George’s Park ground where the ground is located. In the Caribbean, the match is played at the Hamilton docks in the St. Lawrence River Basin. In the Indian subcontinent, the matches are played at the Mumbai and Kolkata stadiums.


The match format in the cricket world is very interesting. First, teams are given three wickets to start the match. They can use all three wickets if they score more runs in the early stages of the match. After scoring runs and bowlers strike the ball, the remaining wickets are added one at a time. When there are not enough players left to continue the match, extra wickets are awarded and the last surviving player is declared the winner.


The game has four phases in it. The pre-match stage is when the team physicians analyze the body of the cricketer to find out the problem that may be causing him to lose the game.

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The post-match analysis phase consists of further observations of the doctors and medical examinations of the players. The team captain may issue a forfeit if the player cannot prove that the injury which has caused him to lose the game has been caused by an “accident”.


Once a player is injured, he cannot play or bowl for seven days. When a match is being played with ten players, the doctor inspects each player individually and checks for any kind of physical ailment which may be the reason for the player losing the game.


If a player is found to be unfit to play, he is not allowed to bowl for that particular match and is not allowed to participate in any future matches until the injury heals. Similarly, a player suffering from an “accidental” injury is not allowed to play or bowl until he has healed.

New Update 2021

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The above rules of the game are designed to ensure that the tournament matches are free of any kind of foul play. Any incident which is not in accordance with the rules of the game is automatically declared to be a foul. A batsman who intentionally pulls out his hamstring will be instantly sent off and can never play for his team again.

There have been many instances where players have been penalized for incidents such as driving their car when they are not allowed to do so or not reporting to the team headquarters in time.

The World Cricket Championship is a competition which requires all players to be ready and prepared at all times because a single mistake from the side of a player can result in a defeat for the entire team.