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X close file Manager is a powerful tool that enables your files to be sorted, organized, and searched. The app utilizes the open source and free software, which make it more customizable and trustworthy. It also enables the user to save, backup, restore and edit any file in any directory or folder. It helps manage X number of folders.

X plore file Manager Donate App Story

This app has been designed for the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone OS 3. The app offers you a great backup utility and a great sorting and search utility. The app also offers additional features such as built-in browser, versioning and synchronization. X-plore file manager doesn’t require an internet connection.


The app comes with no advertisements, spyware, or viruses and uses Open Source software. So the app is absolutely free from the app store! If you decide to donate money towards its continued development then you will receive the latest version “GA-Z File Pro”. It provides the user with a lot of useful features. The user can organize their files and folders by categories, add sub-folders, create sub-users, create named backup, rename or remove files, search for documents, images or videos, sort and search documents by date.


X close file Manager has a number of unique features like the ability to sort and search for all files, even those that aren’t on the user’s computer. It has a ‘restore’ option so you can restore the file if you happen to lose it. Plus, you can back up any folder that you choose so there is no risk of losing any data. Plus, the app offers ‘scan for virus’, ‘scan for spyware’, and even a ‘full scan for adware and spyware’. X plore also scans for Meta tags, which it classifies documents based on the content.


X phone also lets the user delete and edit the date and time stamp. This app also has an ‘undo’ option so the user can undo any changes they have made. There are a number of ways how a document can be edited. The app allows the user to use ‘paste as copy’ and also allows them to send a document by email. This app has the ability to work on PDF files, EXIF, HTML, Info and Web.


X plore is ideal for the person who travels a lot and wants to organize their files. If they search for items in a particular folder and find that they are not there anymore then they can easily restore it by searching for the items and restoring it. This application is very easy to set up and also does not require any technical knowledge at all. The program is simple to install as it displays a list of all the files currently in the system along with the folder name. You can then select the document you want to work on and just click on the ‘Open’ button.


X port is available at a reasonable price and is available free of charge. The reason for its cost is mainly because it offers an excellent service that is user friendly. It has an excellent search facility that allows the user to look for documents anywhere in the computer. X plore also offers a great support system including forums and help.


X plore does have a drag and drop function that lets the user drag and drop files from one folder to another. Once you have selected a document to work on, you just need to click on the ‘Open’ and the rest will be done automatically. X plore also has an extensive security facility including lock screen protection. This feature is ideal for protecting your files from unauthorized users. X plore even allows you to password protect your files.


This X-plore file Manager Donate App review will let you know more about this latest app. X alone is not the first paid app that comes from the makers of Macrium. But its uniqueness is the features that this app has to offer. It allows one to organize and manage the files in a directory, share photos with their friends, convert PDF to JPEG and many other functions.


X close file Manager Donate App is an ideal product for those who use Macrium PC Registry Cleaner pro App, or any other software that clean registry on the PC. In this case, one can store all the documents and share them with their friends by this X-plore app. Sharing pictures and videos with your family and friends can be easy with this app. When one opens this app, they get the option to search for files of different types.

X plore file Manager Donate App Graphics and Visual Quality

This app features the option of dragging and dropping files into different folders. It also allows one to create sub-folders. One can easily organize the folders on one’s desktop. By doing so, one’s desktop gets cluttered, making it easier for one to move files around the house.


The app features two ways of paying for it. The first one is through PayPal. If one doesn’t have a PayPal account, they can still make their purchases through this app. X close file Manager Donate App has over 40 images and videos to choose from when one goes to the app’s marketplace.


Aside from organizing one’s files, X port can also share files between multiple devices. For instance, one can upload photos from their mobile phone to their PC or Mac. X phone also lets one share videos from their mobile phone to their PC or Mac. By this, one can save time and effort when they go to share files with someone.


Aside from these app features, X-plore file Manager Donate App is user friendly. Aside from being simple, it is very convenient to use. In a very short period of time, one can already manage multiple folders, share files, and transfer videos from their mobile phone to their PC or Mac.

Experience After X plore file Manager Donate Appplay

X plore is more than just sharing photos. Since the app allows one to manage their entire home through its folders and sub-folders, it can act as a home planner. X plore can coordinate chores, activities, schedules, and tasks. It can do all these by following a schedule that one set. Moreover, X plore can allow one to keep track of their goals and document what they have achieved so far.


These are only a few of the app features that X-plore file Manager Donate App has. This app offers a great deal. However, before buying this app, one must consider the features that this app offers and determine if it would fit one’s needs. It is easy to navigate the interface is very clear and user friendly. All in all, X plore is not just another app that will get lost in the sea of other apps. It can be considered as a valuable app that one can download to increase productivity at the office and at home.


Aside from organizing one’s files and folders, this app can also work as a digital assistant. With just one click, the app can search for any file and display all its information and details. This means that one can quickly retrieve any important file or document. This is very convenient especially when one’s computer is in need of a repair. One can also organize one’s files according to categories which makes sorting through the files much easier. X plore can work as a backup for one’s files so one can always ensure that they are kept safe.

Download X plore file Manager Donate MOD APK Unlocked 4.27.03

X plore can also act as a translator from one language to another. In this regard, one can translate documents from English to Spanish. This means that one can expand their business to other parts of the world. The program can also translate documents from Spanish to English and vice versa. X-plore file manager can also work as a translator from English to Chinese. This means that one is able to give presentations on topics that he/she is familiar with.


Furthermore, X store manager does its best to help the user keep track of one’s files and folders. This means that it organizes them into various groups. This way, one can make sure that files of high importance are always close at hand. Thus, one’s time as a businessman is made much easier with X plore since he/she can maximize its functions.