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YY Live (Mod, Unlimited All) for Android

The YY Live app offers the ability to make phone calls by the use of mobile phones. As such, it is an application which allows people to receive live calls and answer them with ease. There are two ways in which this application can be used – as a phone dialer or as a virtual answering machine.


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The first way that you can use the YY Live app is by dialing through a landline number to an email address. It is simple to do – simply pick out the number from the caller ID and enter the appropriate code. The YY Live app will then give you a list of available phone numbers. You will be able to choose the number and then you can call the number for a call back.


The second way that the YY Live app can be used is by selecting an email address for which you have the option of receiving a virtual email. This is very similar to how the traditional mobile phone allows you to send a text message. However, instead of being able to check your email, you will receive a virtual message. In many instances, this virtual message will include a picture of the item that you are trying to purchase, as well as the name of the merchant that is selling the product. You can then choose to buy the item or simply hang up the phone after you have read the message.


The YY Live app has several other features. In one, you will find that the app also allows you to receive email alerts regarding your phone number. As such, if you leave a missed call or an email address, you will be notified of these events. If you want to keep track of who is trying to contact you, this is one feature that you will definitely want to check out.


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The phone dialer feature can be used by calling the number and pressing “Answer”. Once you hit the keypad, you will be given the option to select whether to accept or reject the call. You will also be given the chance to set a limit on the amount that you will be willing to pay for the call. After setting the limit, you can simply call the number again until you are satisfied.


Virtual answering machines are also available for users to use. These work in a similar way to how the traditional answering machine works. However, rather than listening to a prerecorded message, you will be given the option of making a call back. You can choose to hang up the phone or you can accept the call. If you are not happy with the results, simply hit the button for “Hang Up”Refuse.”

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